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Volume 2, Issue 6 (November-December 2016)

Development Of Rice Planting Machine

Authors: Ahire Pooja Kakaji, Bhoir Vinita Dilip, Patil Shraddha Ashok, Main Mayuri Ramchandra, Dr. Atul D Dhale

DoP: 07.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 190-191 Downloads: 286

Comparative Analysis of the Behaviour of Salt Pan Clay and Formal Clay for Construction Work

Authors: R. Akila, M. Manjuladevi, N. Pavithra bai, R. Angela clemencia, D. Suganthi

DoP: 10.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 192-196 Downloads: 200

Identify Employee Performance Evaluation

Authors: Borse Bhushan Dilip, Borse Vikas Sunil , Patil Pradnya Ghanshyam, Swapnali Deelip Baviskar

DoP: 12.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 197-200 Downloads: 180

Code Clone Detection Using Hybrid Approach

Authors: Sayali Sharad Patil, Sachin Santosh Chaudhari, Ashwini Mukunda Sonawane, Sonal Siddharth Salunke, Makarand Ramakant Bhole

DoP: 15.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 201-204 Downloads: 201

Improvement in Performance of Classificstion Using Lift Method

Authors: Neha P. sonar, Ankit K. Dixit, Kajal E. Shelke, Viren A. Patil, Rahul N. Patil

DoP: 15.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 205-207 Downloads: 173

Enhancing Security Using Honeywords

Authors: Bhagyashri Dhanaraj Suryawanshi, Akshay Vilas Patil, Paresh Babulal Tayde, Jeevan Bhagvan Patil, Deepak Vijay Patil

DoP: 24.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 208-211 Downloads: 207

Detection and Elimination of Fraud Ranking of Mobile Apps

Authors: Junaid Naeem Khan, Aalip Aayub Pinjari, Nourin Sadik Deshmukh, Nikhil Suryabhan Patil

DoP: 28.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 212-216 Downloads: 188

Fruits Quality Assessment And Classification Using Image Processing

Authors: Khune Sonali B, Khune Rohini B., Pawale pooja R., Ranpise Sangharsha S.

DoP: 06.05.2017 Country: India Pages: 226-228 Downloads: 200

To Study Various Parameter's Effect on Mechanical Properties of AA6063/B4C Composite by Friction Stir Processing

Authors: Amanpreet Singh, Ramandeep Singh Deoda, Anikate Gupta

DoP: 06.05.2017 Country: India Pages: 217-222 Downloads: 193

A Study On The Water Quality Of Kondakarla Awa Lake, Visakhapatnam - Andhra Pradesh

Authors: Pericherla Sravani

DoP: 06.05.2017 Country: India Pages: 223-225 Downloads: 172

High utility text mining using zealous algorithm

Authors: S.Thilagavathi, G.Sumathi

DoP: 17.05.2017 Country: India Pages: 232-239 Downloads: 211

Pollution Free Bus

Authors: Arati Shinde, Godse Kanchan, Sayali Kutwal, S N Kulkarni

DoP: 17.05.2017 Country: India Pages: 229-231 Downloads: 219

Promoting Research Culture in Technical Institutions in India

Authors: Sonal Handa, Samiksha Dixit, Prachi Agarwal

DoP: 28.05.2017 Country: India Pages: 245-247 Downloads: 233

Improved Cloud Computing Using ACO Algorithm with Load Balancing

Authors: Bagul Navin, Darshil Shah

DoP: 28.05.2017 Country: India Pages: 240-244 Downloads: 173

Mindmetrics : An approach for upgrading security

Authors: Prajakta Yuvraj Patil, Anil P. Chaudhari, Bhushan A. Badgujar, Shraddha V. Patil, Kuldipsinh A. Rajput

DoP: 29.05.2017 Country: India Pages: 248-251 Downloads: 175

Volume 2, Issue 5 (September-October 2016)

Before Breakfast" by Eugene O'Neill: The Saga of an Unhappy Wife

Authors: Dr. Anuradha Deepak

DoP: 11.09.2016 Country: India Pages: 190-192 Downloads: 18

Role of India Post Payments Bank Ltd in Financial Inclusion - A Case Study

Authors: R. Chandra Shekar, Sanjay Kumar P

DoP: 12.09.2016 Country: India Pages: 1-4 Downloads: 166

Determinants of Medication Use in Diabetes Results from a Large Database of Pharmacy Complaints

Authors: Rph. Saad Ali Al Arfaj, Rph. Mohammed Khalid Al Rabiah, Rph. Ismail Haider Baqtayyan

DoP: 10.10.2016 Country: Dubai Pages: 1-5 Downloads:

Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Data

Authors: Sheeba Patel, Pranjali Patil, Snehal Prabhakar Patil, Swati Thorat

DoP: 05.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 179-181 Downloads: 176

Network Security using StegoCrypt

Authors: Rudra J. Vivarekar, Nikita J. Kolhe, Darshana A. Mundada, Yogita G. Motiramani

DoP: 06.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 187-189 Downloads: 206

Secure Transmission Using Reversible Data Hiding Technique

Authors: Om Sharan Gupta , Poonam Ishwar Patil, Kanchan Suresh Tayade, Pritam Sanjay Salunkhe , Alok Pandey

DoP: 06.04.2017 Country: India Pages: 182-186 Downloads: 188

Volume 2, Issue 4 (July-August 2016)

Coevolution of Science, Technology and Society

Authors: Parul Gupta

DoP: 10.08.2016 Country: India Pages: 179-182 Downloads: 187

Fruits Quality Assessment and Classification Using Image Processing

Authors: Khune Sonali B, Khune Rohini B., Pawale pooja R., Ranpise Sangharsha

DoP: 14.12.2016 Country: India Pages: 156-159 Downloads: 264

A Result Paper on Thermal Performance of Heat Pipe By Using Nanofluid

Authors: Sumit M. Sakhare-Chougule, Kishor P. Kolhe

DoP: 18.01.2017 Country: India Pages: 160-163 Downloads: 187

Apprehending Concept, Canons and Types of Fasting in Buddhism

Authors: Sandip T. Gaikwad

DoP: 21.01.2017 Country: India Pages: 164-168 Downloads: 197

Impact Of Physico-Chemical Parameters On Growth Of Indian Major Carps Cultured In Different Ponds At Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Authors: K. Premchand, G. Usha kiranmai

DoP: 06.02.2017 Country: India Pages: 169-173 Downloads: 208

Study On Growth Of Indian Major Carps Under Different Feed Treatments In Krishna District Andhrapradesh

Authors: K. Premchand, G. Usha kiranmai

DoP: 10.02.2017 Country: India Pages: 174-178 Downloads: 262

Volume 2, Issue 3 (May-June 2016)

Concept Based Text Document Clustering

Authors: K. Gunavathi, M. Manikandan, S. Thilagavathi

DoP: 07.10.2016 Country: India Pages: 71-77 Downloads: 331

Inflation And Economic Growth Nexus In Nigeria

Authors: Adamu Jibrilla, Bawuro Mohammed Buba

DoP: 18.10.2016 Country: Nigeria Pages: 78-83 Downloads: 202

Impacts of Grounding Configurations on Responses of Ground Protective Relays for Fuzzy Logic Controller Fed DFIG-Based Wind Generation

Authors: Ch.Sirisha, K.V.V Naga Babu

DoP: 01.11.2016 Country: India Pages: 84-90 Downloads: 166

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