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Volume 2 Issue 6


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  1. Prajakta Yuvraj patil
  2. Anil P. chaudhari
  3. Bhushan A. badgujar
  4. Shraddha V. patil
  5. Kuldipsinh A. Rajput


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Mindmetrics : An approach for upgrading security


Disclosure of the password hash files is a critical security concern making millions of user prone to cyber attacks. Most of the time the attacker tries to steal the password hash files and then he tries to crack them. In this type of password cracking attack the weak passwords are broken through a dictionary attack or hybrid attack. After the attackers crack some passwords, they access the system using the known login IDs for the cracked passwords. The attack against passwords is a serious threat to current systems. Many methods have been proposed to stop these types of attacks but they require specialized devices. The method presented in this paper magnifies the traditional password based system by enhancing the identification process. For this purpose the proposed method accepts personal secrete data instead of a login ID to identify a user uniquely, called as “mindmetrics”. It then asks to choose the correct login ID form given ID’s. After the several login attempts attacker will be blocked by the identification server. Thus it stop or slow downs attacker.

Key Words

Password, cyber attack, identification, verification.

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Prajakta Yuvraj patil, Anil P. chaudhari, Bhushan A. badgujar, Shraddha V. patil, Kuldipsinh A. Rajput , "Mindmetrics : An approach for upgrading security", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 248-251, May-2017,

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