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Conferences / Special Issues

Volume 8, Issue 5 (September-October 2022)

Protecting Group-Free Glycosylations

Authors: Dr. S.K. Mishra

DoP: 11.09.2022 Country: India Pages: 1-12 Downloads: 47

Niobium Oxide (Nb2O5) based Gas Sensor: A Literature Review

Authors: Bhushan S. Pardeshi, Vasant G. Wagh, Arun V. Patil

DoP: 18.09.2022 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 112

A Study on Interest in Agriculture among the Higher Secondary Students

Authors: Venkataraman S., Sivakumar G.

DoP: 22.09.2022 Country: India Pages: 33-37 Downloads: 83

Impact of Capital Structure on Profitability and Behaviour of Share Prices

Authors: Sandeep Kumar

DoP: 26.09.2022 Country: India Pages: 6-10 Downloads: 115

Impact of Capital Structure on Share Holder Wealth in India

Authors: Dr. Mukesh Singh Chandel

DoP: 01.10.2022 Country: India Pages: 19-23 Downloads: 104

The Impact of COVID-19 on Pharmacy Services

Authors: Mohammed Mazi Alanazi, Waheed Mansour Albarghash

DoP: 07.10.2022 Country: Saudi Arabia Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 24

How eHealth has Contributed to the Improvement of the Service Provided to Patients

Authors: Jamaan Mansour Duhaim Aldosari, Mohammed Muflih Ahmed Alsaqr, Moneer Yahya Jaber Wadani, Rami Mohammed Swayid al Shaiban, Talal Abdulkarim Saad Alwarthan, Jubran Hussain Mosa Muyidi, Abdullah Saad Mohammed Alrafeah

DoP: 08.10.2022 Country: Saudi Arabia Pages: 1-6 Downloads: 17

उत्तराखण्ड के पर्वतीय क्षेत्रों से पलायन की समस्या व रोकथाम हेतु प्रयास

Authors: इन्द्र मोहन पन्त, प्रो. कैलाश चन्द्र

DoP: 10.10.2022 Country: India Pages: 46-49 Downloads: 55

Rajasthani Laghu Chitrakala ke Sahityik Granth Rashikpriya mein Nayikabhed

Authors: Preeti Yadav

DoP: 25.10.2022 Country: India Pages: 38-45 Downloads: 40