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Conferences / Special Issues

Volume 9, Issue 1 (January-February 2023)

Understanding the Therapeutic Role of Prasarinyadi Taila in Apabahuka: An Ayurvedic Approach

Authors: Akhilesh Kumar Verma

DoP: 03.01.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-2 Downloads:

Examining how students' study habits influence their academic success: An investigation involving secondary school students in Darbhanga Town

Authors: Kumar Ameet, Dr. Birendra Kumar Chaurasia

DoP: 04.01.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 4

Eloquent Silence: A Study in Caste with Special Reference to ‘The God of Small Things’

Authors: Vinita Sharma

DoP: 04.01.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-6 Downloads: 14

भारतीय संस्कृति में जीवन मूल्य और पुरुषार्थ चतुष्ट्य

Authors: डॉ. बदलू राम

DoP: 05.01.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 44

From Race to Ethnic Group: A Historical perspective

Authors: Golam Mostapha Mondal

DoP: 08.01.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-4 Downloads: 24

The Role Of Genetics In Disease Susceptibility: A Case-Control Study

Authors: Mohammed Saad Nasser Alsenaidi, Rakan Ali Alotruzi, Abdulrahman Khalid bin Abdulwahid, Yahya Saleh Alserhani, Turki Dhaifallah Alrukhaimi

DoP: 10.01.2023 Country: Saudi Arabia Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 3

Silver-Catalysed CO2 Incorporation Reactions

Authors: Dr. S.K. Mishra

DoP: 10.01.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-13 Downloads: 62

Recent Development in the Field of High Entropy Alloys

Authors: Kapil Dev, Vikas Kumar Singla, Shubham Tripathi, Md Salim Khan, Vivek Rathore, Sunny Kumar

DoP: 21.01.2023 Country: India Pages: Downloads: 104

A Study on Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana in Promoting Employment Skills in Rural Youth in Haryana

Authors: Poonam

DoP: 29.01.2023 Country: India Pages: 28-29 Downloads: 85

Epidemiological Investigation of Infectious Disease Outbreaks

Authors: Falah Saqer Owaidh Alotaibi, Mohammed Ahmed Hadadi, Sayel Saleh Alkhiyari Alrashid, Abdullah Shadeed Al-Osaimi, Adel Mousa Alreshidi

DoP: 02.02.2023 Country: Saudi Arabia Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 8

Changing Dimension of Adultery: An Overview

Authors: Santosh Kumar Tiwari, Tejasve Raj Tyagi

DoP: 02.02.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 6

Sign Language Recognition App

Authors: Vinay Sahu, Shristy Nawange, Urvashi Dongre, Varsha Deshmukh, Yogita Bele

DoP: 07.02.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-8 Downloads: 112

FDIs in Indian Retail Sector: Government Policies Pros and Cons - An Analysis

Authors: Bipin Bhogekar

DoP: 11.02.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-4 Downloads: 45

Analysis of Fake News Detection using Support Vector Machine

Authors: Satish Chadokar, Anchal Farkade, Kajal Deshmukh, Aanchal Khandelwal, Nisha Barasker

DoP: 12.02.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-6 Downloads: 83

Review on: Applications of Pure and Doped SnO2 Nanoparticles

Authors: Devendra Bhikaji Sonwane

DoP: 12.02.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 100

स्मृति साहित्य में वर्षित ब्रह्मचर्यानुशासन तथा प्रासंगिकता

Authors: डॉ. बदलू राम

DoP: 12.02.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 44

जैन धर्म में सत्कार्यवाद

Authors: अदीबा नाज

DoP: 20.02.2023 Country: - Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 57