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Conferences / Special Issues

Volume 4, Issue 3 (May-June 2018)

The Composition of Mucus in Freshwater Fishes: A Comparative Study

Authors: H.D. Kaher

DoP: 05.05.2018 Country: India Pages: 78-84 Downloads: 13

Perceptions of Rehabilitation Interns on the Transition from Interns to Practitioners in Saudi Arabia

Authors: Asiri Yasir, Al Amari Turki, Al Harbi Malik, Rana S. Alsaleh

DoP: 05.05.2018 Country: Saudi Arabia Pages: Downloads: 29

Economic Policies and Political Stability in India: A Comprehensive Analysis

Authors: Dr Rajesh Choudhary

DoP: 08.05.2018 Country: India Pages: 1-6 Downloads: 24

Health Information Exchange (HIE): The Role Of HIE In Improving The Sharing And Exchange Of Patient Information Across Different healthcare settings

Authors: Talal Mutlaq Al-Harbi, Adel Lafi Alharbi, Bandar Zaben Alharbi, Rashid Obaid Alharbi, Naif Abdul Rahman Al-Azmi

DoP: 28.05.2018 Country: Saudi Arabia Pages: 85-87 Downloads: 15

भारत में शिक्षा के विकास में विभिन्न शिक्षा आयोग की भूमिका

Authors: डॉ. राकेश रंजन सिन्हा

DoP: 10.06.2018 Country: India Pages: 1-4 Downloads: 63

Ontology, Epistemology and Axiology in Research

Authors: Shaiju K.C.

DoP: 11.06.2018 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 43

Writing the WhatsApp Way!

Authors: Noor Diana Suhaimi, Maslawati Mohamad, Wee Win Nie, Melor Md Yunus

DoP: 12.12.2018 Country: Malaysia Pages: 51-56 Downloads: 314

Skype in the Classroom - An Online Collaboration Awareness Campaign to Develop Speaking Skill

Authors: Syed Zaqhwan Syed Abd Halim, Maslawati Mohamad, Mohd Ikhwan Haiqal, Melor Md Yunus

DoP: 12.12.2018 Country: Malaysia Pages: 57-61 Downloads: 223

On Radio D-distance Number of Some Basic Graphs

Authors: V. Viola, T. Nicholas

DoP: 13.12.2018 Country: India Pages: 62-67 Downloads: 260

ESL Students' Perceptions Towards VR 360 Learning Application to Enhance Vocabulary Learning

Authors: Muhalida Zia Ibhar, Low May May, Melor Md Yunus

DoP: 14.12.2018 Country: Malaysia Pages: 68-73 Downloads: 235

QR Codes in ESL Classroom Learning

Authors: Farah Shalin Binti Amanah, Dr. Melor Md Yunus

DoP: 15.12.2018 Country: Malaysia Pages: 74-77 Downloads: 271