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Economic Policies and Political Stability in India: A Comprehensive Analysis


Dr Rajesh Choudhary


This paper conducts a comprehensive analysis of the intricate relationship between economic policies and political stability in India. Spanning historical trajectories, contemporary challenges, and future outlooks, the study delves into the multifaceted interplay between policy formulations and their repercussions on the socio-political landscape. Examining India's economic policies from pre-independence to the liberalization era and beyond, the paper scrutinizes their impact on social cohesion, regional disparities, and employment dynamics. Furthermore, it dissects the political landscape, emphasizing the role of governance structures, political ideologies, and institutional frameworks in shaping economic policies. Case studies and comparative analyses with other economies provide insights into unique challenges, successes, and global perspectives, highlighting the diverse approaches and implications for political stability. The paper concludes by offering recommendations for addressing persistent challenges, fostering inclusive growth, leveraging technological advancements, and navigating global interdependencies to ensure sustained political stability amidst economic transformations in India.


Economic policies, Political stability, Governance, Socio-political landscape, Liberalization, Regional disparities, Institutional frameworks, Comparative analysis, Challenges, Recommendations, Global perspectives


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Economic Policies and Political Stability in India: A Comprehensive Analysis. Dr Rajesh Choudhary. 2018. IJIRCT, Volume 4, Issue 3. Pages 1-6.

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