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Conferences / Special Issues

Volume 3, Issue 6 (November-December 2017)

स्वदेशी आंदोलन का भारतीय समाज पर प्रभाव : एक विश्लेषण

Authors: डॉ. राकेश रंजन सिन्हा

DoP: 05.11.2017 Country: India Pages: 1-2 Downloads: 36

Using an Adaptable Network Model, High Bandwidth Information and Visuals arrive at their Destination with Integrated real-time Data Compression

Authors: Rekha P, Vishalakshi V, Chamaraju Y S

DoP: 16.11.2017 Country: India Pages: 97-104 Downloads: 14

Overcoming All Odds, Vivekananda Succeeds

Authors: Dr. Rachana Srivastava

DoP: 21.11.2017 Country: India Pages: 64-68 Downloads: 157

Behavioural Economics and Decision Making in Business

Authors: Dr. Krishna Murari Modi, Dr. (Smt.) Anita Modi

DoP: 22.11.2017 Country: India Pages: 80-88 Downloads: 35

Cultural Shifts Among Indian Youth: Globalization's Effects on Identity Formation

Authors: Dr. Prabha Gupta

DoP: 15.12.2017 Country: India Pages: 1-8 Downloads: 35

Economic Disparities and Educational Opportunities in India

Authors: Dr Suman Gupta

DoP: 17.12.2017 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 68

An Analysis of Microfinance Schemes Available Particularly for BPL Women in Delhi NCR

Authors: Dr. (Mrs.) Harish

DoP: 17.12.2017 Country: India Pages: 1-8 Downloads: 32

Chemical Composition of Distillery Effluent and Its Impact on Environment

Authors: Dr. Sunita Lega

DoP: 18.12.2017 Country: India Pages: 69-72 Downloads: 23

Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy: A Comprehensive Analysis

Authors: Dr Ashok Kumar Mishra

DoP: 20.12.2017 Country: India Pages: 89-96 Downloads: 70

Environmental History of India: Tracing Ecological Changes, Resource Exploitation, and Conservation Efforts

Authors: Dr. Dharmendra Sharma

DoP: 24.12.2017 Country: India Pages: 73-79 Downloads: 54

The Impact of Public Debt in Nigeria's Economic Growth and Development

Authors: Alhaji Umar Lawal Aliyu

DoP: 29.05.2018 Country: Nigeria Pages: 23-34 Downloads: 218

Effect of Drying on Physicochemical and Nutritional Quality of grapes

Authors: Koturwar M. R., Bornare D. T., Babar K. P.

DoP: 30.05.2018 Country: India Pages: 35-37 Downloads: 231

Effect of drying on basil leave by using microwave

Authors: Arati H. Munde, Deepak T. Bornare, Kalyan P. Babar, Hrushikesh R. Gurjar, Vaibhav S. Patil

DoP: 01.06.2018 Country: India Pages: 38-40 Downloads: 241

Effect Of Drying On Curry Leaves Using Different Drying Methods

Authors: Hrushikesh R. Gurjar, Deepak T. Bornare, Kalyan P. Babar, Arati H. Munde

DoP: 05.06.2018 Country: India Pages: 41-44 Downloads: 289

Preparation of wood apple seed protein concentrate and study of its physico-chemical analysis

Authors: Anjali S. Ghorad, Deepak T. Bornare, Kalyan P. Babar, Megha M. Humane

DoP: 05.06.2018 Country: India Pages: 45-46 Downloads: 232

Microencapsulation of Bael seed Oil

Authors: Megha M. Humane, Deepak T. Bornare, Kalyan P. Babar, Santosh P. Kahar, Anjali S Ghorad

DoP: 05.06.2018 Country: India Pages: 47-49 Downloads: 241

Development of a Solar Powered Poultry Egg Incubator for South West Nigeria

Authors: Kifilideen L. Osanyinpeju, Adewole A. Aderinlewo , Olayide R. Adetunji, Emmanuel S.A. Ajisegiri

DoP: 08.06.2018 Country: Nigeria Pages: 50-63 Downloads: 239