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Volume 9, Issue 6 (November-December 2023)

Strategies For Sustainable Second-Life Battery Utilization In Electric Vehicles

Authors: Aditya Kumar Sharma

DoP: 06.11.2023 Country: United States Pages: 1-12 Downloads: 23

Assessing Academic Stress and Developing Feedback Systems to Enhance Student Well-being and Performance

Authors: Supriya, Dr. Navin Kumar

DoP: 07.11.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-13 Downloads: 20

Guardians of Truth: Unravelling the Impact of Media on Society - A General Overview

Authors: Dr. Ashok Kumar Karnani

DoP: 10.11.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 56

Financial Inclusion through RAJEEVIKA: An invigorating fuel for Rural Development in Rajasthan

Authors: Dr. Anita Sukhwal, Mahesh Kumar

DoP: 11.11.2023 Country: india Pages: 1-8 Downloads: 30

The Influence of Parental Involvement on Student Success

Authors: Dr. Mandavi Rai

DoP: 11.11.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-6 Downloads: 21

The Influence of Economic Vulnerability on the Behaviour of Malagasy Consumers

Authors: Rakotomalala Eddy, Andrianony Victorien, Andrianarizaka Harenatiana Harimpitia, Randrianarijaona Maeva

DoP: 16.11.2023 Country: Madagascar Pages: Downloads: 52

Different Types of RPO Service Models for Effective Hiring: An Overview

Authors: Dr Sunita Tank

DoP: 16.11.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-7 Downloads: 104

Eye Flu Conjunctivitis Cases Up: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Authors: Vinayak A. Katekar, Sushma V. Ahire, Vaishnavi A. Ghormade, Prafful P. Kothari, Ankita S. Dhopate

DoP: 17.11.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-8 Downloads: 53

Online gaming addiction among the Higher Secondary School Students

Authors: M.T.V. Prakash Reddy, Senthilkumar. K

DoP: 26.11.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-4 Downloads: 46

Evaluating crowding out effects of borrowing by SOEs on private sector borrowing from Financial Institutions in Bhutan (2014-2018).

Authors: Chimi Dorji, Kuenzang Dechen

DoP: 02.12.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-17 Downloads: 72

Phonological Deviations in English Used by Mulk Raj Anand in the Select Novels: A Study

Authors: Dr. Mohd.Nazzar, Dr. Ajeet Singh, Poonam Dahiya (Singh)

DoP: 03.12.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-6 Downloads: 51

Investigating the transformative potential of Bihari literature in addressing social issues and propelling societal change in Bihar

Authors: Priya Kumari, Dr. Syed Raza Haider

DoP: 07.12.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-12 Downloads: 44

Crisis of Conscience and Cross-Cultural Conflicts in Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve: A Study

Authors: Dr. Mohammad Nazzar, Prof. Dr. Ajeet Singh, Ekta Tyagi

DoP: 12.12.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-6 Downloads: 52

To Analysis the Process of Recovery by Banks

Authors: Dr. Kamalpreet Kaur

DoP: 14.12.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-6 Downloads: 25

Navigating Global Trade Policies and Developing Economies: Assessing Effects and Sustainable Strategies

Authors: Mona Agarwal, Anurag Jhanwar

DoP: 16.12.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-7 Downloads: 75

Geography Teacher’s Views on Effective Methods of Teaching Geography

Authors: Shekhar Angadi, D.M. Ingalgi, Dasharatha P. Angadi, Prakasha A.P.

DoP: 26.12.2023 Country: India Pages: Downloads: 52

Machine Learning Based Heart Disease Prediction

Authors: T. Divya, K. Meenatchi

DoP: 27.12.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 35

Fall Detection System by Machine Learning Framework for Public Health

Authors: B. Subhashini, K. Praveena Kamal

DoP: 27.12.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 34

Volume 9, Issue 5 (September-October 2023)

Money Transaction in E-commerce Application using Face Recognition

Authors: S. Selvapriya, K. Praveena

DoP: 04.09.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 75

Multi-disease Prediction using Machine Learning

Authors: G. Sangeetha, K. Meenatchi

DoP: 04.09.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 109

Depression: OSN Users Depression Detection and Auto Motivation System using Machine Learning Techniques

Authors: V. Shanthini, K. Praveena

DoP: 04.09.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 68

Face Counterfeit Detection in National Identity Cards Using Image Steganography Deep Learning Techniques

Authors: N. Deepasri, K. Meenatchi

DoP: 04.09.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 69

Distributed Dynamic Mutual Identity Authentication for Referrals in Blockchain based Healthcare Networks

Authors: N. Manisha, S. Suruthi

DoP: 05.09.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-4 Downloads: 77

Lifestyle Disorders in Ayurveda: Understanding, Prevention, and Management

Authors: Akhilesh Kumar Verma

DoP: 05.09.2023 Country: - Pages: 1-2 Downloads: 26

Resurrecting Histories: A Historical Analysis of Colonial References in Modern Indian Poetry

Authors: Prof. Dilip Raghunath Kute

DoP: 05.09.2023 Country: India Pages: 1-11 Downloads: 68

Library Movement in Bangladesh: The Development Thought of Bangabandhu

Authors: Muhammad Abdussattar, Abdullah Al Faruque, Rounak Afrose

DoP: 14.09.2023 Country: Bangladesh Pages: 1-16 Downloads: 72

The Role of Innovation in Synchronising Rural Development Projects with Target Expectations

Authors: Rabemananjara Vololonirina Alisambatra, Andrianarizaka Hantatiana Henimpitia, Randrianarijaona Maeva, Randriamiharisoa Mamy Alfa

DoP: 16.09.2023 Country: Madagascar Pages: Downloads: 62

Underlying the Causes and Impact of Crime Victimization: A Study of Urban Area in Bangladesh

Authors: Md. Omar Faruk, Abdullah Al Faruque, Mohammad Mustafizur Rahman

DoP: 21.09.2023 Country: Bangladesh Pages: 1-14 Downloads: 67

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Displaying 1 to 30 of 151 Total 6 Pages