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Guardians of Truth: Unravelling the Impact of Media on Society - A General Overview


Dr. Ashok Kumar Karnani


In the 21st century, with technology and the internet at our fingertips, media plays a crucial role in transmitting information to the public. Free press is essential as it represents the voice of individuals and should not be influenced by financial or other incentives. Media shapes the minds of the people, keeping them informed about various activities such as sports, politics, moral, social, and cultural activities. It acts as a mirror, projecting uncovered truths to the public, but can also be bitter at times. Media organizes arguments and debates on various issues, presenting different views and opinions on important issues. Mass media conveys political, social, moral, and cultural ideas, making a significant contribution to public assessment. Media law is a collection of various laws and moral principles that impact media work. Each type of media depends on specific guidelines, but inclusive standards must be followed by journalists. Serving the public interest is the main function of any democratic society, and it is necessary for journalists and other media workers to follow the general standards and moral principles set by the legal framework.


Media, Free Press, Technology, Public Interest etc.


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Guardians of Truth: Unravelling the Impact of Media on Society - A General Overview. Dr. Ashok Kumar Karnani. 2023. IJIRCT, Volume 9, Issue 6. Pages 1-5.

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