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Volume 2, Issue 3 (May-June 2016)

Concept Based Text Document Clustering

Authors: K.Gunavathi, M.Manikandan, S.Thilagavathi

DoP: 07.10.2016 Country: India Pages: 71-77 Downloads: 37

Inflation And Economic Growth Nexus In Nigeria

Authors: Adamu Jibrilla, Bawuro Mohammed Buba

DoP: 18.10.2016 Country: Nigeria Pages: 78-83 Downloads: 36

Impacts of Grounding Configurations on Responses of Ground Protective Relays for Fuzzy Logic Controller Fed DFIG-Based Wind Generation

Authors: Ch.Sirisha, K.V.V Naga Babu

DoP: 01.11.2016 Country: India Pages: 84-90 Downloads: 29

An Improved iUPQC fed with a novel FLC Controller to Provide Additional Grid-Voltage & power Regulation

Authors: Y.Sarojarao, K.Amala Rajani

DoP: 03.11.2016 Country: India Pages: 91-99 Downloads: 39

Modeling and Control of Distributed Generation based Micro Grid for Power Quality Furtherance

Authors: Ede Nageswararao, L.Pandu Ranga Prasad, J.Uday Bhaskar

DoP: 03.11.2016 Country: India Pages: 100-106 Downloads: 31

Design and Integration of DFIG with D-STATCOM for Fault Ride through Capability Enhancement Voltage and Output Power Fluctuation Suppression

Authors: Tammisetti Kranti Kiran, K.V.V Naga Babu

DoP: 03.11.2016 Country: India Pages: 107-110 Downloads: 15

Performance Evaluation of Multi Level Converter type FCL-DVR for Power Quality Enhancement

Authors: Nalli Anand Raju, J.Uday Bhaskar

DoP: 03.11.2016 Country: India Pages: 111-118 Downloads: 46

SPWM Based IMC Interfaces for DERs Power Quality Improvement

Authors: Kuthadi Phaneendra Kumar, Md. Najeeb Ahmad

DoP: 28.11.2016 Country: India Pages: 119-125 Downloads: 34

Appraising The Slow And Steady Threat Of Desertification On Adamawa North Senatorial Zone

Authors: Papka Z. Medugu

DoP: 04.12.2016 Country: Nigeria Pages: 126-132 Downloads: 26

Stability of Dynamica systems with Time-varying delays

Authors: C. Jayakumar, A. Pradeep

DoP: 05.12.2016 Country: India Pages: 133-136 Downloads: 34

Delay-dependent stability criteria for delay differential systems

Authors: C. Jayakumar, G.Manoharan

DoP: 05.12.2016 Country: India Pages: 137-142 Downloads: 24

Stability analysis of uncertain Neutral-type systems

Authors: C. Jayakumar, P.Baby

DoP: 06.12.2016 Country: India Pages: 143-149 Downloads: 38

Global exponential stability for Lotka-Volterra population model with time varying delays

Authors: C. Jayakumar, S.Kalaiselvi

DoP: 06.12.2016 Country: India Pages: 150-155 Downloads: 35