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Delay-dependent stability criteria for delay differential systems


C. Jayakumar, G.Manoharan


This paper proposes an approach for the stability of delay di_erential systems. The key features of the approach is that to obtain generalized stability region, a parameterized model trans-formation with free weighting matrices is introduced. In fact, these techniques lead to generalized and less conservative stability condition that guarantee the wide stability region. The proposed stability conditions are demonstrated with numerical examples. Comparisons with other stability conditions in the literature shows the derived conditions are the more powerful ones to guarantee the widest stability region.


Delay differential Systems, Global asymptotic stability; Time-varying delays; Linear matrix inequality; Neural networks.


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Delay-dependent stability criteria for delay differential systems. C. Jayakumar, G.Manoharan. 2016. IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 3. Pages 137-142.

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