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Appraising The Slow And Steady Threat Of Desertification On Adamawa North Senatorial Zone


Papka Z. Medugu


The Adamawa North Senatorial zone was once relatively densely forested with various species of trees, shrubs, and grasses cohabitating varieties of animals, birds and insects. Rivers and streams and ponds in the zone were all season, but today, the physical features are opposite. The forests have disappeared, the rivers and the streams are now seasonal and the different species of animals (birds and insects) are gone. The main objective of this paper is to expose the menace of desertification with specific objectives of identifying the causes, examining the effects, evaluating the environmental changes and recommending mitigating measures to restore the lost environmental characteristics of the Adamawa north areas. Some secondary data of rainfall and temperatures were gotten and analysed statistically while primary data were gotten from the returned questionnaires which were administered equally and purposefully to people aged fifty years and above across the five local government areas. The result of the probit model indicated that rainfall and temperature have a negative impact on Desertification but not too statistically significant. The result of field responses from people who have seen the past and present revealed that important variables that dramatically affects desertification are deforestation, overgrazing, overpopulation and slash and burn cultivation among many other human activities. The paper ends by recommending competitive afforestation or tree planting exercise for a prize among all schools from primary to secondary as well as community based exercises, effective legislation and enforcement with regards to felling of trees, usage and replacement, regulations and education of herdsmen on modern patterns of raising animals.


Appraising, Slow and Steady, Threat, Desertification, Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone.


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Appraising The Slow And Steady Threat Of Desertification On Adamawa North Senatorial Zone. Papka Z. Medugu. 2016. IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 3. Pages 126-132.

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