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Conferences / Special Issues

Volume 8, Issue 3 (May-June 2022)

Methods for sampling and detection of microplastics in water and sediment: A critical review

Authors: Dr. S.K. Mishra

DoP: 11.05.2022 Country: India Pages: 1-16 Downloads: 26

Psychological Health: A Must for the Students in Management Education

Authors: Dr. V Sree Jyothi, Sushma Karnati

DoP: 15.05.2022 Country: India Pages: Downloads: 100

A Study on Working Capital Management and its Effect on Financial Performance in India

Authors: Dr. Mukesh Singh Chandel

DoP: 24.05.2022 Country: India Pages: 40-43 Downloads: 79

Mental Health Tracker Using Mobile Application

Authors: Ms. Chavhan Nikita, Ms. Kotme Madhuri, Ms. Magar Sarika, Ms. Asane Pallavi, Prof. Moin S. V.

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 1-4 Downloads: 102

OTP Based Cloud Encryption for Security

Authors: Ms. Gidage Ishwari, Ms. Kadam Kalyani, Ms. Kadam Sanskruti, Ms. Pagare Surekha, Prof. Moin S. V.

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 5-8 Downloads: 98

Smart Work Center for Hindustan Tungsten Carbide

Authors: Mr. Mayur Dhatrak, Mr. Akash Pawar, Mr. Ravindra Magar, Mr. Sushil Pimale, Mr. Vaibhav Khairnar, Prof. Sonawane S. R.

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 9-12 Downloads: 95

Fancy Number Plate Detection and RTO Penalty Using Image Processing

Authors: Ms. Sanap Vaishnavi, Ms. Rothe Shraddha, Ms. Pardeshi Pooja, Ms. Suryawanshi Rutuja, Prof. Gujrathi A. A.

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 13-17 Downloads: 104

IoT Based Blind Navigation System

Authors: Somase Pooja, Somase Aarti, Aasude Sakshi, Mikate Nikita, Bhagwat Madhuri, Somase Mayuri

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 18-21 Downloads: 95

Face Mask and Social Distancing Detection Using Image Processing

Authors: Mr. Gaikwad Abhishek, Mr. Ghule Sachin, Mr. Salve Vishal, Mr. Ukade Akshay, Prof. Jadhav U. B.

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 22-26 Downloads: 131

Application for House Price Prediction Using ML

Authors: Ms. Soniya Xavier, Ms. Iqra Ansari, Ms. Kajal Kokane, Mr. Kelhe Priti, Prof. Gursal P. S.

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 27-30 Downloads: 138

College Information System Based On Machine Learning

Authors: Ms. Wagh Jyoti, Ms. Vasave Rameshwari, Ms. Valvi Sushmita, Prof. Gursal P. S.

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 31-34 Downloads: 95

System for Driver Drowsiness Detection Utilizing Facial Features

Authors: Ms. Nikam Pratiksha, Ms. Magar Pooja, Ms. Gaikwad Mayuri, Ms. Jamdar Vaishnavi, Prof. Dhobale Mandar

DoP: 03.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 35-39 Downloads: 98


Authors: Dr. K. Anji Reddy

DoP: 11.06.2022 Country: India Pages: 1-8 Downloads: 15