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Volume 1, Issue 6 (November-December 2015)

Shallow Footing Bearing Capacity on Compacted Mixtures of Excavated Collapse Soil with Granule Soil laying on Egyptian Collapsible Soil

Authors: Hisham H. Abdelmohsen, Naema.A. Ali

DoP: 07.04.2016 Country: Egypt Pages: 489-495 Downloads: 22

Design and Development of Web Content Management Based on Automatic Content Reflection

Authors: Salim Mustapha, Ms. Yoga Lakshmi.P

DoP: 09.04.2016 Country: India Pages: 496-500 Downloads: 22

Hardware/Software Implementation Of Software Defined Radio(SDR) Applications In Engineering

Authors: Mr.Vinayak Appasaheb Karaval, Mr.Vishal Umakant Rathod, Miss Nikeeta Gunwant Nikam, Mr.Gajanan Arjun Parab

DoP: 10.04.2016 Country: India Pages: 501-503 Downloads: 16

Studies on Heavy Metal Accumulation in selected Edible Fish species of Vishakapatnam Entrance Channel

Authors: M.Vijaya Bhavani, B.Vinaya Sagar, B Anil Kumar, Dr K.kameswar Rao

DoP: 22.04.2016 Country: India Pages: 504-507 Downloads: 39

Carbon Stocks Of Eastern Ghats Ecosystems AndScope For Carbon Sequestration

Authors: S.Hema latha, Dr.K.Kameswara Rao

DoP: 26.04.2016 Country: India Pages: 508-510 Downloads: 25

Thermoelectric Heat Recovery from Four Stroke Engine

Authors: Rohini S. Mohite, Ansari nadir ajaz ahmed, Khan Owais Ayyub

DoP: 29.04.2016 Country: India Pages: 511-515 Downloads: 17

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Development Using Service Oriented Architecture

Authors: Salisu Garba

DoP: 29.04.2016 Country: Nigeria Pages: 516-522 Downloads: 46

Survey On Fraud Image Detection

Authors: Rutuja Jadhav, Khushboo Patil, Snehal Shivankar, Sneha Chavan, Mukesh More

DoP: 02.05.2016 Country: India Pages: 523-526 Downloads: 26

Road Quality and Condition Detection (Using GPS and a Raspberry pi)

Authors: R. Anitha, M Deepak, T Snehesh

DoP: 04.05.2016 Country: India Pages: 527-529 Downloads: 23

SAFA (Secure Authentication For ATM)

Authors: Er.Sijo Cherian, Divya Siby, Neelima.N, Neethu.K.Philips, Preethi Krishna.K

DoP: 05.05.2016 Country: India Pages: 530-532 Downloads: 37

Big Data Security Using Hybrid Cloud

Authors: Gaurav Dipak Khandar, Manas Kulkarni , Gaurav Shahane, Shubham Nayab, Mr. V.P.Rao

DoP: 13.05.2016 Country: India Pages: 533-535 Downloads: 21

Review Mining - A Modified Approach for Business Intelligence

Authors: Vishal Kale, Gunjan Kshirsagar, Rutuja Jagtap, Shristee Kumari, Pooja Vengurlekar

DoP: 24.05.2016 Country: India Pages: 536-540 Downloads: 24

Design And Implementation Of Customer Service Complaint Portal

Authors: Hassan Adamu, Dauda Muhammad, A. A. Isah

DoP: 05.06.2016 Country: Nigeria Pages: 541-547 Downloads: 22

Volume 1, Issue 5 (September-October 2015)

An Effect of Injection Timing on Di Diesel Engine Powered By Algae Methyl Ester

Authors: R. Velappan, S. Sivaprakasam, M. Kannan, K. Mohan

DoP: 06.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 443-446 Downloads: 30

Effect of Conservation Agriculture on broad bean and maize productivity in Egypt

Authors: Abou El –Enin M.M, Abo-Remalia S.H

DoP: 07.02.2016 Country: Egypt Pages: 447-452 Downloads: 30

Document Clustering Using Side Information for Mining Text Data

Authors: Kiran D. Gavali, Saurabh S. Kamthe, Ganesh Pingale, Prasad Vedpathak

DoP: 08.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 453-455 Downloads: 20

Real Time Information Monitoring System

Authors: Swati Chavan, Pallavi Joshi, Gayatri Deochake, Sayali Pharate, Nilesh Khochre

DoP: 11.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 456-457 Downloads: 30

Influence of Cell Potentials on theCathode Oxygen Concentration in a Serpentine Flow Field PEM Fuel Cell

Authors: R.Manikandan, S.Purushothaman, K.Sundaravinayagam, K.Muthukumaran

DoP: 20.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 458-461 Downloads: 20

Review Paper on “Customer Satisfaction for Services Provided By Different Vendors”

Authors: Jasmine Zala, Jignesh Zala

DoP: 22.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 462-463 Downloads: 16

Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining By Pattern Deploying and Pattern Evolving

Authors: Shaikh Rijwan, Ankush Vyavhare, Mane Nandkumar, P.S.Patil

DoP: 16.03.2016 Country: India Pages: 464-467 Downloads: 13

Development of a practical model to find out effectiveness of heat exchanger and its comparison with standard values

Authors: P.V.Ramana, B.SudheerpremKumar

DoP: 24.03.2016 Country: India Pages: 468-472 Downloads: 34

Wear Behavior of WC-Co Coating on TI6AL4V

Authors: Allu Harshitha

DoP: 29.03.2016 Country: India Pages: 473-477 Downloads: 16

Role of Information and Communication Technology as a Means of Tackling Corruption in Nigeria

Authors: H. Adamu, A. A. Shatimah, M. Aliyu

DoP: 30.03.2016 Country: Nigeria Pages: 478-480 Downloads: 15

Power Factor Correction by Interleaved Boost Converter Using PI Controller

Authors: Pritish Kulshreshtha, Sanjay Gairola, Anurag Verma

DoP: 01.04.2016 Country: INDIA Pages: 481-485 Downloads: 25

Migration of Hadoop To Android Platform Using ‘Chroot’

Authors: Namrata B Bothe, Snehal S Karale, Anagha N Mate, Nayan D Kumbhar

DoP: 02.04.2016 Country: India Pages: 486-488 Downloads: 14

Volume 1, Issue 4 (July-August 2015)

Performance and Emission Analysis of an Unmodified Four Stroke Diesel Engine Operating with Extracted Mahua Longifolia Biodiesel and Its Blends

Authors: M.Muthuraj , S.Mayakannan, V.Rajesh, V.Jeeva Bharathi, R.Girimurugan

DoP: 07.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 353-356 Downloads: 40

An Experimental Study on Performance Characteristics of Karanja Oil Blends With Diesel in A Direct Injection Variable Compression Ignition Engine

Authors: M.Abdul Rahaman, R.Girimurugan, S.Mayakannan

DoP: 07.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 357-359 Downloads: 23

Enhancing Sustainable Development via Microfinancing: A Lesson from SMEs in Nigeria

Authors: Babatunde Rahman YUSUF, Ade OYEDIJO, Khadijah Adeola, IDOWU

DoP: 08.12.2015 Country: Nigeria Pages: 360-367 Downloads: 29

Influence of Nano Magnetic Fluid Coated Conventional Catalytic Converter Over Automotive Emission

Authors: C.Syed Aalam, Yadenra Pratap Singh, Gyanendra Singh

DoP: 09.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 368-373 Downloads: 37

The Plight of Rag-pickers at Dump yard Socio - Economic Profile (A Case Study of Visakhapatnam)

Authors: G Siva Praveena, Ch. Durga Prasad, P.V.V.Prasada Rao

DoP: 10.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 374-378 Downloads: 39

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