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Design and Development of Web Content Management Based on Automatic Content Reflection


Salim Mustapha, Ms. Yoga Lakshmi.P


Nowadays, digital information on the Internet has become immense due to the heavy presence of activities on the Internet and global marketplace. With this development, managing web content becomes critical. Hence, Content Management System (CMS) came into existence. It is a generic framework for creating, managing and publishing digital documents. CMS framework is of great demand in the market today due to internal pressure from organization to enhance service delivery and improve efficiency in handling information. CMS is an ideal tool to improve the performance by means of streamline process. The main contribution of this paper was to design and implement a simple prototype of Content Management System that reflects some extend what CMS framework does. The system adopts three layers of technical architecture. The paper will demonstrate the essential need for a standard framework of CMS. The simplicity of the overall content management system was in response to the growing changes in information technology that makes the processes easy and straightforward


Content Management System, Integrated Content (CMS), Management System (ICMS). Web Content Management System (WCMS)


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Design and Development of Web Content Management Based on Automatic Content Reflection. Salim Mustapha, Ms. Yoga Lakshmi.P. 2016. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 6. Pages 496-500.

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