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Wear Behavior of WC-Co Coating on TI6AL4V


Allu Harshitha


Ti6Al4V alloys are widely used in chemical plants, automobile, aerospace industries and medical applications (bone, dental) because of its high specific strength. But, it has poor abrasive wear resistance due to high coefficient of friction and low thermal conductivity. Poor abrasive wear resistance results in the formation of wear debris on the surface of the alloy. In the present paper, detonation spray (DS) surface treatment method was used to Ti6Al4V to mitigate wear of the alloy. WC-Co Ceramic coatings of 450μm thickness were deposited on Ti6Al4V. Wear tests were performed on coated material to investigate different Tribological properties under dry sliding condition using pin on disc equipment. Process parameters such as sliding distance, velocity and load were considered in the present work. Taguchi method was used to know the optimum combination of process parameters and Signal to Noise ratio was applied to coefficient of friction finally confirmation tests were conducted for best SN ratio processes parameters. Confirmation tests have good agreement with the SN ratio processes parameters. In this work the effect of above surface treatment was studied on the wear behavior of Ti-6Al-4V alloy and an improvement in the wear resistance of the alloy is reported


Titanium, Wear Behaviour,Detonation study,Alloy


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Wear Behavior of WC-Co Coating on TI6AL4V. Allu Harshitha. 2016. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 5. Pages 473-477.

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