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Review Paper on “Customer Satisfaction for Services Provided By Different Vendors”


Jasmine Zala, Jignesh Zala


“Customer is king of market”, & we believe that customer is price payer and expects some proper products as well as services. Products are material and it is physical in nature, which customers are understands and making differences easily on the bases of certain criteria of quality. But the problem comes at service, when we discuss about services it is overall intangible and there are many factors associated to measure services. Service may be add-on on product or it may be just service. Customer satisfaction means what customer expects and what is provided by vendor. If expected quality and quantity meets then customer is considered to be satisfied.
In this competitive global market customer is satisfied with products but there is some gap in customer’s expectoration for services. So for this reasons there is requirement of improvement in service sector and to highlight that points this paper may be base for new research in this direction.


quality ,quantity, Customer satisfaction, service,intangible


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Review Paper on “Customer Satisfaction for Services Provided By Different Vendors”. Jasmine Zala, Jignesh Zala. 2016. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 5. Pages 462-463.

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