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Thermoelectric Heat Recovery from Four Stroke Engine


Rohini S. Mohite, Ansari nadir ajaz ahmed, Khan Owais Ayyub


Energy crisis and thermal energy management are the critical topics of present scenario. As we know that a major part of the heat supplied in an internal combustion engine is not converted into useful energy, but dumped into the atmosphere as waste heat so it becomes necessary to recover this waste heat. Thermoelectric modules are solid state devices that are used to convert thermal energy from a temperature gradient to electrical energy. This temperature difference can be obtained from exhaust gas pipe, as outer surface of the exhaust pipe of engines can reach the temperature up to 2000C to 4000C when exhaust gases are flowing through it. Prototype of thermoelectric generator is made to produce power on small scale from waste heat of exhaust flue gases of two wheeler using two peltier modules connecting in series and experiments were carried out on that prototype. The experimental results demonstrate that this concept of waste heat recovery is feasible as we are getting considerable voltage output by the prototype which we have made. In this way we can say that thermoelectric generators may play an important role by enhancing the overall efficiency of an internal combustion engine as they help in tapping and converting this waste heat energy into usable energy, so this same concept can be implemented on big scale for waste heat recovery so that to achieve development through green technology.


Thermoelectric module, Seebeck effect, Heat of exhaust gases, Temperature difference, Waste heat recovery.


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Thermoelectric Heat Recovery from Four Stroke Engine. Rohini S. Mohite, Ansari nadir ajaz ahmed, Khan Owais Ayyub. 2016. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 6. Pages 511-515.

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