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SPWM Based IMC Interfaces for DERs Power Quality Improvement


Kuthadi Phaneendra Kumar, Md. Najeeb Ahmad


This paper presents about Indirect Matrix Converters (IMC) scheme to enhance the power quality and reliability of the M.G (micro grid) system. The proposed topology comprises with two inverters, which are used for the M.G (micro grid) to exchange power generated by the DERs (i.e., distributed energy resources) that also compensates the load. The control algorithms are developed using SPWM theory (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) to operate IMC in grid sharing and grid injecting modes. The proposed topology which increases the lower bandwidth, reliability, main inverter requirement, and cost is low due to less in filter size, and better utilization of M.G (micro grid) power while using reduced dc-link voltage rating for the main-inverter. These features make the IMC scheme a promising option for M.G (micro grid) supplying sensitive loads. The proposed topology and control algorithm are validated through extensive MATLAB simulation results.


Indirect Matrix Converter, Grid, Harmonic Distortion, SPWM, Power Quality.


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SPWM Based IMC Interfaces for DERs Power Quality Improvement. Kuthadi Phaneendra Kumar, Md. Najeeb Ahmad. 2016. IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 3. Pages 119-125.

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