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Volume 2 Issue 6


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  1. Khune Sonali B
  2. Khune Rohini B.
  3. Pawale pooja R.
  4. Ranpise Sangharsha S.


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Fruits Quality Assessment And Classification Using Image Processing


India is a agricultural country .The main resource of income is from agricultural products. Here farmer achieve a more products from farm but they can't get satisfied amount of price because they are not able to interact directly with consumers. There are more agents and sellers between farmer and consumers and they get more profit than farmers. In existing traditional system, farmer can't interact with consumers. The existing systems has some Disadvantages: Time consuming manual process .Third party involvement in between customer and farmers the sellers sell the item with almost three fold of the original price. No proper channel for consumers and farmers to do direct business deal To overcome the problems we are developing the new technique for quality assessment and classification .To identify degree of maturity, quality of product, analyze, classify and identify the fruit images which are selected and send into the system based on color, shape, size and features of fruits. Already existing system does not have web portal. So we are developing web portal which will used by Farmer, Agent, Customer, Government agency etc. This technique will used by farmer they can describe their product with features and expected price. They can directly communicate with customer hence; they reduce the time session and get more profit instead of using traditional techniques. This technique will used by customer agent and government agency for same purpose. For developing this technique we are going to use the following Techniques Java, My SQL, Apache Tomcat.

Key Words

Maturity of Fruits , Fruit quality criteria, image filters, Image Acquisition, Sorting, Image processing Techniques.

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Khune Sonali B, Khune Rohini B., Pawale pooja R., Ranpise Sangharsha S., "Fruits Quality Assessment And Classification Using Image Processing", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 226-228, May-2017,

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