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Improved Cloud Computing Using ACO Algorithm with Load Balancing


Bagul Navin, Darshil Shah


Abstract— Cloud computing has opened a new horizon for utilization of resources and their computing power. In cloud computing, is prone to many adversaries such as server crashes, network congestion, low bandwidth etc. Load balancing is one of the main challenges in cloud computing, which is required to distribute the workload equally across all the nodes, detect the fault and remove it and improve the quality of service in Cloud computing which in turn improves the fault tolerance. Here we have proposed an optimized approach of load balancing schemes, using Ant colony optimization algorithm.


Keywords—Cloud Computing, Load Balancing, ACO


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Improved Cloud Computing Using ACO Algorithm with Load Balancing. Bagul Navin, Darshil Shah. 2017. IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 6. Pages 240-244.

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