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To Study Various Parameter's Effect on Mechanical Properties of AA6063/B4C Composite by Friction Stir Processing


Amanpreet Singh, Ramandeep Singh Deoda, Anikate Gupta


AA6063 has good surface finishing, high corrosion, and resistance, is readily suited to processing and can be easily anodized, has high strength to weight ratio but low hardness and wear resistance properties. Friction stir processing (fsp) is a novel technique used for the enhancing the mechanical and metallurgical properties of the material and also to make composites of the material. It eliminates the porosity and micro structural defects in the material. In this study, manufacturing of composites AA6063 and boron carbide particles with 5 µm particle sizes were added as reinforcement. The tool shoulder is varied from 16 mm to 20 mm. the other parameters such as tool rotational speed of 1400 rpm and transverse speed of 50 mm/min are kept constant. The friction stir processing tool is made of high chromium high carbon steel with a pin length of 4 mm and pin diameter of 6 mm is used. The 18 mm shoulder diameter produces much finer grain size with boron carbide reinforced particles rather than the tools having shoulder 16 mm and 20 mm diameter, this is due to the fact that tool with 18 mm diameter produces sufficient amount of heat to properly plasticize and flow of the material during the FSPed process thus producing finer grain size within the nugget zone and possesses higher tensile strength and high micro hardness of the material. The maximum tensile strength and micro hardness achieved is 236 N/mm^2 and 135 Hv respectively. In case of the tool having 16 mm diameter produces less amount of heat due to lesser contact with the work piece and the tool having 20 mm diameter, over heat the work piece due to more contact area with the work piece and causes improper plasticization and flow of the material within the processed zone by friction stir processing and produces courser grains. The tensile strength, yield strength and micro hardness values of composite fabricated with cylindrical left hand threaded pin tool were higher as compared to other selected tool pin profiles 18 mm produces finer grains than the others.


Friction Stir Processing, Microstructure, Plasticize, Micro Hardness, Tensile Strength, AA6063/B4C


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To Study Various Parameter's Effect on Mechanical Properties of AA6063/B4C Composite by Friction Stir Processing. Amanpreet Singh, Ramandeep Singh Deoda, Anikate Gupta. 2017. IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 6. Pages 217-222.

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