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Volume 2 Issue 6


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  1. Ahire Pooja Kakaji
  2. Bhoir Vinita Dilip
  3. Patil Shraddha Ashok
  4. Main Mayuri Ramchandra
  5. Dr. Atul D Dhale


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Development Of Rice Planting Machine


Agriculture is the major sector contributing to the Indian economy. Growth in this field will bring the remarkable change in Indian economy. Also rice is the most staple food of many countries. Traditional method of rice planting is very tedious job, with lot of human efforts. So there is a need of mechanizing this process in a affordable cost. This review paper is based on how we can reduce the human efforts and plant the rice seedling efficiently using human operated Rice Planting Machine.

Key Words

Rice Planter, Linkage Mechanism, Power Transmission, pick and placing arm.

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Ahire Pooja Kakaji, Bhoir Vinita Dilip, Patil Shraddha Ashok, Main Mayuri Ramchandra, Dr. Atul D Dhale, "Development Of Rice Planting Machine", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 190-191, April-2017,

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