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Volume 2 Issue 6


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  1. Junaid Naeem Khan
  2. Aalip Aayub Pinjari
  3. Nourin Sadik Deshmukh
  4. Nikhil Suryabhan Patil


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Detection and Elimination of Fraud Ranking of Mobile Apps


Now days, mobile apps are ranked by popularity. Rankings get affected by reviews and ratings. As when the app get more positive and in favor reviews, its popularity increases. The popularity affects its ranking and attracts more users. Indeed, the review manipulation is becoming more common for fraud ranking of mobile apps. The imposter often post fake reviews with a purpose of bumping up the apps in the popularity list. So, the necessity of preventing fraud ranking increases. Such fake reviews must be detected and discarded so that real apps get to their genuine positions in the ranking. For this purpose, the proposed system provide a holistic view of fraud ranking by fake reviews and provide a fake rating and review detection and elimination system for mobile apps.

Key Words

Mobile apps, ranking fraud detection, rating, review, linear combination

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Junaid Naeem Khan, Aalip Aayub Pinjari, Nourin Sadik Deshmukh, Nikhil Suryabhan Patil, "Detection and Elimination of Fraud Ranking of Mobile Apps", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 212-216, April-2017,

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