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Volume 2 Issue 6


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  1. Sonal Handa
  2. Samiksha Dixit
  3. Prachi Agarwal


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Promoting Research Culture in Technical Institutions in India


This paper represents the possible characteristics that should be followed by the technical institutions of India in order to promote the research culture. We analyze various factors to implement productive research in the technical institutions. However, this culture needs a change of institutional as well as individual characteristics cooperatively. We find these changes and their possible outcomes. We also focus on some challenges in implementing these changes. The main objective of this paper is to briefly point out the necessary steps that are to taken by the technical institutions to promote research culture keeping in mind the possible challenges associated with these.

Key Words

Research Culture, Productive research, Technical education in India

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Sonal Handa, Samiksha Dixit, Prachi Agarwal, "Promoting Research Culture in Technical Institutions in India", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 6, Pages 245-247, May-2017,

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