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Volume 1, Issue 3 (November-December 2015)

Utran Mobility Information In Femtocell

Authors: Surekha Lanka, Sidra Ehsan

DoP: 03.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 315-319 Downloads: 227

Waste Plastic Separation - A Comparative Feasible Study

Authors: Ajim Sutar, Hemant Salunkhe

DoP: 03.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 320-322 Downloads: 208

Modeling And Simulation Of Rivers- A Review

Authors: Riyaj K. Mulla , Shrikant M. Bhosale

DoP: 03.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 323-325 Downloads: 217

Thermal Stress Analysis Of An Isotropic And Single Layered Laminated Orthotropic Plate

Authors: Abhiman Kanase, Sandeep Shiyekar, Mukund Shiyekar

DoP: 03.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 326-332 Downloads: 194

The Greenhouse Effect and Its Impacts on Environment

Authors: Pooja T. Latake, Pooja v. Pawar, Anil C. Ranveer

DoP: 04.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 333-337 Downloads: 252

Quantitative Assessment of IAQ and HVAC Performance in an Office Building at Hyderabad

Authors: Shaik Mohammad Ansari, Raza Ahmed Khan

DoP: 05.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 340-348 Downloads: 195

Study Of Common Effluent Treatment Plant At Five Star MIDC, Kagal

Authors: Snehal Sutar, Deepali Munde

DoP: 05.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 338-339 Downloads: 220

Airborne Bacterial Evaluation of Indoor and Outdoor Environments of AU School in Visakhapatnam

Authors: K. Nirmala Kumari, M. Ch. Shravanthi, Prof. T. Byragi Reddy

DoP: 05.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 349-352 Downloads: 204

Socioeconomic Challenges and Welfare Initiatives for Senior Citizens in India: A Comprehensive Analysis

Authors: Dr Mukesh Ahuja

DoP: 05.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 1

Evaluation of Faculty Performance Using Improved Apriori and Association Rule Mining

Authors: D.K. Kirange, Shubhangi D. Patil, Kanchan S. Bhagat

DoP: 06.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 353-360 Downloads: 113

The Affiliation or Alienation to Assamese: The jeopardize identity of East Bengal Origin Assamese Muslim of Assam

Authors: Azizur Rahman

DoP: 22.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 394-398 Downloads: 9

Problems and Prospects of Farm Tourism in Assam - A Case Study in the Muga Farm of Sualkuchi, the Silk Hub of Assam

Authors: Nihar Ranjan Kalita, Mr. Bhaskar Jyoti Thakuria

DoP: 23.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 361-371 Downloads: 53

IoT Based Home Automation Appliance using RASPBERRY PI3

Authors: P. Thimmaiah

DoP: 25.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 389-393 Downloads: 45

IoT based Home Automation System

Authors: Lohit Banakar, Veena P.N.

DoP: 28.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 372-378 Downloads: 67

Smart Personal Assistance and Communication Robot

Authors: Veena P.N., Lohit Banakar

DoP: 29.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 379-388 Downloads: 73

Volume 1, Issue 2 (September-October 2015)

Slip factor evaluation for centrifugal pump impeller with and without splitter blades, using CFD technique.

Authors: Dr. Said A. F. Hawash, Eng. Abdullah H. I. Mohamed , Dr. Mohamed H. Shehata

DoP: 22.08.2015 Country: Egypt Pages: 131-138 Downloads: 310

Effect of Cathode Oxygen Concentration in High Temperature Single Flow Channel PEM Fuel Cell

Authors: M.M.Jegan, C.Siranjeevi, K.Praveenkumar, R.Premkumar, S.Muthuganesan

DoP: 05.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 139-142 Downloads: 202

Effect of Reactant Gases Velocity Distribution in PEM Fuel Cell for Different Cell Voltages

Authors: N.Senniangiri, B.Manoj, M.Makesh, M.Manikandan, C.Gokulprasath

DoP: 05.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 143-146 Downloads: 247

Recovery and Re-use of Reactive Dyes from Textile Effluents for Colouration of Jute Substrate - An Environmental-Friendly Approach

Authors: Dr. Bipin J. Agrawal

DoP: 08.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 147-153 Downloads: 206

Secure OTP and Voice Authentication by using KIVOX Mobile software scheme for Mobile Banking

Authors: DR.B.Vanathi, K.Shanmugam

DoP: 09.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 154-158 Downloads: 222

Image Segmentation of Malayalam Palm Leaf Manuscripts

Authors: Geena K P, Dr.G Raju

DoP: 17.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 159-162 Downloads: 274

Prospective Research to Investigate the Socio-economic Sketch of Coal Mine Territory: An Integrated Scrutiny

Authors: Subhajit Bandopadhyay, Dr. Krishnendu Gupta

DoP: 22.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 165-172 Downloads: 230

Review Article On DMAIC, Its Usefulness For Improving Service Quality Of Education

Authors: Kiran Raval, Chandni Sangani

DoP: 22.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 163-164 Downloads: 196

Detection and Classification of Mammogram Images Using Principle Component Analysis and Lazy Classifiers

Authors: Dr. Rajkumar K K

DoP: 23.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 173-182 Downloads: 205

Single Flow Channel PEM Fuel Cell Performance Analysis for Various Cell Voltages

Authors: M.Manivannan , R.Manikandan, T.Narayanan, M.Vijayaraj

DoP: 24.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 193-196 Downloads: 191

PID Controller design using Performance index parameter by PSO BFO Techniques

Authors: Chaman Yadav, Mahesh Singh, Kushal Tiwari, Richa Tiwari, Nageshwar Prasad Chandra

DoP: 24.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 187-192 Downloads: 188

A Study on Appointment of Internal Auditors by Companies in Mumbai Area

Authors: Rajesh Kumar Agrawal

DoP: 24.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 183-186 Downloads: 204

Reactant Gases Velocity Distribution on PEM Fuel Cell with Different Landing to Channel Width of Flow Channel

Authors: T.Krishnamoorthi, D.Vignesh, J.Vengatesh, V.Kamal, R.Ajithkumar

DoP: 25.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 197-200 Downloads: 205

Supercritical Carbon-dioxide Assisted Dyeing of Textiles: An Environmental Benign Waterless Dyeing Process

Authors: Dr. Bipin J. Agrawal

DoP: 25.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 201-206 Downloads: 237

Opportunities And Challenges For Emerging Private Sector Banks In India

Authors: Shriti P. Lal, Rohit Lala

DoP: 30.09.2015 Country: India Pages: 212-214 Downloads: 208

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Displaying 61 to 90 of 133 Total 5 Pages