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Quantitative Assessment of IAQ and HVAC Performance in an Office Building at Hyderabad


Shaik Mohammad Ansari, Raza Ahmed Khan


Indoor air pollution has become a serious issue in affecting public health. Since poor IAQ is considered unhealthy as it causes eye irritation, loss of ability to concentrate and even sickness (Sick Building Syndrome), an indoor air quality monitoring system helps in the detection and improvement of indoor air quality. Tightening of building envelopes, reduction of ventilation rates, use of building materials and techniques with unknown consequences and reliance on technology may significantly diminish the quality of indoor air. Hence, there is a significant need in IAQ research.
In this project, an impact of HVAC system on IAQ has been studied. For this study, Prajay constructions syndicate Ltd., head office at Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, a commercial office building which is centrally Air-Conditioned is selected. This research study involved taking the parametric measurements like temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide levels at different locations of each floor which are the key parameters to decide the IAQ in the space with the help of CO2 measuring meter.
This study also involves a Questionnaire of the Building Occupants to know their comfort levels with the building indoor environment. Moreover at the end, a checklist for HVAC systems is also added and recommendations are suggested at the end of the report.


Indoor Air Quality, HVAC Systems, Building Environment, Sick Building Syndrome, Ventilation


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Quantitative Assessment of IAQ and HVAC Performance in an Office Building at Hyderabad. Shaik Mohammad Ansari, Raza Ahmed Khan. 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 3. Pages 340-348.

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