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Utran Mobility Information In Femtocell


Surekha Lanka, Sidra Ehsan


In this paper, we talk about information about UTRAN in Femtocell. Today communications are approximately 75% using mobile networks are especially in closed rooms. Which consists of the tiny cellular base station, Femtocell give higher quality and higher performance to its customers after connecting to the operator's mobile network using the broadband connection at home.In UTRAN is a network that allows the mobile phones to connect to the internet. While UTRA is a radio technology which is used between the mobile phone and the internet. UTRAN contains a base station which is known as Node B and RNCS . The Base station transmits radio frames on the certain radio channel and time slot over the transmission link. Transmission over a transmission link is very sensitive. We see some UTRAN functions like mobility management and Lu coordination and specific functions of HNB.


Cellular, backhaul, transmission, residentially, base station, gateway, operators,clusters, frequency, uplink, downlink, scalability.


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Utran Mobility Information In Femtocell. Surekha Lanka, Sidra Ehsan . 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 3. Pages 315-319.

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