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Modeling And Simulation Of Rivers- A Review


Riyaj K. Mulla , Shrikant M. Bhosale


Simulation programming techniques are used in all sectors like engineering education and research for model based and virtual based experimentation with the help of collected data from field. The river water quality is degraded from tremendous discharge of highly polluted effluents. The simulation environment of river includes several programming techniques, interactive graphic displays and user friendly interface. There are several softwares available in market for the prediction of river water quality but MATLAB provides easy and convenient user interface in the form of MATLAB GUI (Graphical User Interface) in environmental research that helps for understanding research problem and find out remedial measures on that. In the current review article, different works based on simulation techniques using softwares have been reviewed.


simulation, programming techniques, softwares, water quality prediction.


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Modeling And Simulation Of Rivers- A Review. Riyaj K. Mulla , Shrikant M. Bhosale . 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 3. Pages 323-325.

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