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Secure OTP and Voice Authentication by using KIVOX Mobile software scheme for Mobile Banking


DR.B.Vanathi, K.Shanmugam


In a mobile commerce process, user authentication is major fact. In existing system One time password(OTP) and Fingerprint Authentication is used for user verification. In this paper Multi factor authentication is used. Multifactor authentication consists of knowledge-based authentication (user ID and password),One time password(OTP),Fingerprint and Voice authentication. First Multifactor process is user login with their user ID and password.Server to verify the userID and password. If the user password is not correct, the server rejects the transactions. User ID and password is correct go to the next transaction. Second process is, Finger image is send to the server.If finger print image is verified by fuzzy logic and find out the threshold level. Threshold level is 60-99%,OTP is generated by server. Third process is, Server sends the OTP to the user by using QR code with encrypted form by user mobile device password. Encryption is done by AES 256 bit algorithm. User find the OTP by QR code reader in have the android mobile. This is already built the QR reader Application in mobile so easily find out the OTP. User decrypts the OTP by using mobile device password. Final process is verifying the user voice authentication by server using KIVOX Mobile software. . KIVOX Mobile software provides a platform for the use of simple, short voice authentication that is accurately detected 99.9% of the time. Therefore, Multi factor authentication is provided the greater security and confidentiality, Data integrity is achieved in mobile banking Transaction.


M-commerce, QR code ,Fingerprint, KIVOX mobile software


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Secure OTP and Voice Authentication by using KIVOX Mobile software scheme for Mobile Banking . DR.B.Vanathi, K.Shanmugam. 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 2. Pages 154-158.

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