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Volume 2, Issue 2 (March-April 2016)

Hindi Film ‘Astitva’ : Aditi and her Journey of Self-Discovery

Authors: Dr. Anuradha Deepak

DoP: 26.03.2016 Country: - Pages: 1-5 Downloads: 35

Volume 1, Issue 5 ( 2015)

Development of a practical model to find out effectiveness of heat exchanger and its comparison with standard values

Authors: P.V.Ramana, B.SudheerpremKumar

DoP: 24.03.2016 Country: India Pages: 468-472 Downloads: 215

Effective Pattern Discovery for Text Mining By Pattern Deploying and Pattern Evolving

Authors: Shaikh Rijwan, Ankush Vyavhare, Mane Nandkumar, P.S.Patil

DoP: 16.03.2016 Country: India Pages: 464-467 Downloads: 178

Review Paper on “Customer Satisfaction for Services Provided By Different Vendors”

Authors: Jasmine Zala, Jignesh Zala

DoP: 22.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 462-463 Downloads: 200

Influence of Cell Potentials on theCathode Oxygen Concentration in a Serpentine Flow Field PEM Fuel Cell

Authors: R.Manikandan, S.Purushothaman, K.Sundaravinayagam, K.Muthukumaran

DoP: 20.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 458-461 Downloads: 174

Real Time Information Monitoring System

Authors: Swati Chavan, Pallavi Joshi, Gayatri Deochake, Sayali Pharate, Nilesh Khochre

DoP: 11.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 456-457 Downloads: 194

Document Clustering Using Side Information for Mining Text Data

Authors: Kiran D. Gavali, Saurabh S. Kamthe, Ganesh Pingale, Prasad Vedpathak

DoP: 08.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 453-455 Downloads: 186

Effect of Conservation Agriculture on Broad Bean and Maize Productivity in Egypt

Authors: Abou El-Enin M.M., Abo-Remalia S.H.

DoP: 07.02.2016 Country: Egypt Pages: 447-452 Downloads: 200

An Effect of Injection Timing on Di Diesel Engine Powered By Algae Methyl Ester

Authors: R. Velappan, S. Sivaprakasam, M. Kannan, K. Mohan

DoP: 06.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 443-446 Downloads: 230

Volume 1, Issue 4 ( 2015)

Intrusion Detection System Using Data-Mining

Authors: Bhandwalkar Shital Narayan, Phadke Reshma Bhaskar, Ambike Pratiksha Pandurang, Chavan Vaishali Pandurang, Prof. Kadam G. V.

DoP: 06.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 440-442 Downloads: 204

Advanced School Bus Transport System Using Salesforce

Authors: Rachana M. Sane, Mokshada J. Harshe, Sonali R. Mhatre, Sneha B. Sarpate, Vilas S. Gaikwad

DoP: 05.02.2016 Country: India Pages: 437-439 Downloads: 171

A Review on removal of heavy metal from industrial wastewater by using chemically modified natural adsorbents Rice husk and Sugarcane bagasse

Authors: Deepali Mahadev Munde, S.M.Bhosale

DoP: 31.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 426-428 Downloads: 154

Experimental Investigation of Papaya Methyl Ester on Performance, combustion and emission characteristics of DI diesel engine

Authors: P. Prabakaran , C.G. Saravanan, Prasanna raj Yadav, C. Syed Aalam

DoP: 31.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 429-433 Downloads: 191

Assessment of Air quality Index of Visakhapatnam urban area Andhrapradesh

Authors: Boni Anil Kumar, B Vinay Sagar, B Prasanna Kumar

DoP: 31.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 434-436 Downloads: 253

Ambient air quality monitoring in visakhapatnam bowl area

Authors: Ch.Durga Prasad, B.Prasanna Kumar, P.V.V.Prasada Rao

DoP: 28.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 421-425 Downloads: 174

Decolourization of Textile Effluent Using Adsorbents from Natural Sources

Authors: Swati N. Nasipude, M.S. Salunkhe, P.D. Patil

DoP: 27.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 412-414 Downloads: 158

A Review On Development Of Sequencing Batch Reactor For Hostel/Mess Kitchen Wastewater

Authors: Saniya Bagwan, G.S.Kulkarni

DoP: 27.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 415-418 Downloads: 153

A Review On Aluminium Die Casting Industrial Waste Management

Authors: Swati Nasipude, Saniya Bagwan

DoP: 27.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 419-420 Downloads: 171

Diminished-One Modulo 2^n + 1 Adder Using Circular Carry Selection

Authors: Aiswarya S.

DoP: 26.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 408-411 Downloads: 199

Analysis Of Tweets For Popularity Detection Of Television Media In Business Intelligence

Authors: Dhananjay C. Dandapat, Narendra P. Chaudhary, Sachin C. Chavan, Vaibhav D. Ghare

DoP: 23.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 405-407 Downloads: 163

HANDTALK : Interpreter for the differently abled : A Review

Authors: Sachin Kumar Verma, Rishabh Kesarwani, Gunjeet Kaur

DoP: 19.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 402-404 Downloads: 169

The Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network monitoring and control system based on Zig-bee

Authors: MD Rasheeduddin, G.Ansar Ali

DoP: 13.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 399-401 Downloads: 173

Review paper on decentralized wastewater treatment system

Authors: Snehal Sutar, Mr.G.S.Kulkarni

DoP: 07.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 396-398 Downloads: 171

Modeling and Optimization of Electrical Discharge Machining Process Parameters using Artificial Neural Network

Authors: Md. Ilyas Hamid

DoP: 03.01.2016 Country: India Pages: 393-395 Downloads: 170

Designing And Implementation Of A Tool For Java Code Optimization

Authors: Rahma Saleem Alsawaf, Dr.AsmaaYaseen Hamo

DoP: 02.01.2016 Country: Iraq Pages: 387-392 Downloads: 185

Volume 1, Issue 3 (November-December 2015)

Smart Personal Assistance and Communication Robot

Authors: Veena P.N., Lohit Banakar

DoP: 29.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 379-388 Downloads: 73

IoT based Home Automation System

Authors: Lohit Banakar, Veena P.N.

DoP: 28.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 372-378 Downloads: 67

IoT Based Home Automation Appliance using RASPBERRY PI3

Authors: P. Thimmaiah

DoP: 25.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 389-393 Downloads: 45

Problems and Prospects of Farm Tourism in Assam - A Case Study in the Muga Farm of Sualkuchi, the Silk Hub of Assam

Authors: Nihar Ranjan Kalita, Mr. Bhaskar Jyoti Thakuria

DoP: 23.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 361-371 Downloads: 53

The Affiliation or Alienation to Assamese: The jeopardize identity of East Bengal Origin Assamese Muslim of Assam

Authors: Azizur Rahman

DoP: 22.12.2015 Country: India Pages: 394-398 Downloads: 9

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Displaying 391 to 420 of 507 Total 17 Pages