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Volume 1, Issue 1 (July-August 2015)

Feasibility To Employ Enterococcus Faecalis Phages To Combat Poultry Infections

Authors: Angeline Kiruba, P. Banupriya, R. Jeevitha, M.N. Priyadharshini, T. Malarvizhi

DoP: 04.08.2015 Country: India Pages: 64-69 Downloads: 295

A Study of the Effect of Anemia on Normal Birth weight

Authors: Bushra Abdul- Raheem, Nadia Abdul-Hadi Abdul-Ameer, Ahmed Muhammad

DoP: 04.08.2015 Country: Iraq Pages: 60-63 Downloads: 210

Investigate The Engineering Properties of Epoxy-Modified Mortars As Self-Healing Materials

Authors: ghasan fahim huseien, Habeeb Lateef Muttashar

DoP: 03.08.2015 Country: Malaysia Pages: 56-59 Downloads: 194

Propagation Of Shock Waves Through A Channel Of Varying Area Of Cross- Section Containing Mixture Of A Gas And Small Solid Particles

Authors: Awaneesh Jee Srivastava, Dr S.N.Ojha

DoP: 03.08.2015 Country: India Pages: 50-55 Downloads: 199

Recycling of Aluminum Solid Waste in Diyala Company for Electrical Industries

Authors: Ali I.Al-Mosawi , Mustafa A. Rijab , Shaymaa Abbas Abdulsada , Muhannad A. Rijab

DoP: 01.08.2015 Country: Iraq Pages: 44-47 Downloads: 199

A Study On Density-Based And Other Cluster Analysis Techniques In Data Mining

Authors: Nishtha Prakash

DoP: 01.08.2015 Country: India Pages: 48-49 Downloads: 207

Design And Finite Element Analysis Of High Speed Compressor Gearbox Unit

Authors: Nihad Hasan Talib, Prof. Gopi Krishna

DoP: 31.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 38-43 Downloads: 205

Causes of Failure of Implementation Management Information Systems (MIS) in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Middle East

Authors: Faisal Almutairi, Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan

DoP: 30.07.2015 Country: United Kingdom Pages: 32-37 Downloads: 183

Efficient Passengers Flow Inside The Airports

Authors: Mohanad Jaafar Talib Al-Jandeel, Riza Atiq Abdullah Bin O.K. Rahmat

DoP: 30.07.2015 Country: Iraq Pages: 25-31 Downloads: 253

Review Article On Bridging Gap Between Acadamics And Industries

Authors: Rohit Lala

DoP: 29.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 23-24 Downloads: 191

Report Paper on Cancer in Appolo Hospital Bilaspur

Authors: Poornam Gehlot

DoP: 27.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 21-22 Downloads: 199

Review Article on Customer Retention - A Challenge in Today's Era

Authors: Rohit Lala

DoP: 24.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 19-20 Downloads: 194

Compresive Anyalsis of RSA Algoritham

Authors: Vikram Solanki

DoP: 23.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 15-18 Downloads: 215

Performance Analysis of High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell with Single Flow Channel Configuration

Authors: R.Girimurugan, S.Manoj Praveen , S.P.Aravinth, M.Aravinthsamy , P.Gowthaman

DoP: 22.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 7-10 Downloads: 203

Effect of Reactant Gases Velocity Distribution in Single Flow Channel High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell

Authors: R.Girimurugan, S.Bharathkumar , V.Dinesh, G.Dinesh, P.Gowtham

DoP: 22.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 11-14 Downloads: 202

Review Paper on Micro Nutrients

Authors: Youvrajsinh Chauhan, Jignesh Vania

DoP: 21.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 4-6 Downloads: 172

Detailed Study on Modified RSA Algorithm

Authors: Gaurav Patel, Kunal Panchal

DoP: 14.07.2015 Country: India Pages: 1-3 Downloads: 207

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Displaying 421 to 437 of 437 Total 15 Pages