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Developing Advance AI based Encryption techniques for Image Data Transfer


Shivam Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Jaspal Kumar


Recent studies across various technological domains, including data encryption, artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, cybersecurity, healthcare, and smart city development, have brought to light innovative approaches and critical challenges. Novel encryption techniques have emerged to tackle growing data security concerns. A proposed symmetric encryption method combines steganography, artificial intelligence, and facial recognition, providing a robust multi-layered approach to data protection. This method illustrates the importance of integrating multiple technologies to combat evolving cyber threats. Chaotic map-based encryption has also been explored, offering efficient methods that lower computational costs while maintaining strong security. Additionally, quantum cryptography is gaining attention, suggesting that traditional encryption methods might become vulnerable as quantum computing progresses. AI's role in healthcare, particularly in medical imaging and cancer diagnosis, is growing. AI applications in brain tumour detection, segmentation, and treatment planning demonstrate how it can enhance medical imaging accuracy and improve patient outcomes. The use of machine learning and deep learning algorithms for early cancer detection and prognosis offers significant benefits. However, these advances also bring challenges related to data annotation, model validation, and privacy. To address these, some studies focus on privacy-preserving technologies, like blockchain and differential privacy, to ensure secure data management in AI-based healthcare applications. Artificial intelligence significantly impacts the development of smart cities and urban planning. AI is used in various areas, such as energy, transportation, and urban management, contributing to more efficient and sustainable urban spaces. Despite the benefits, concerns arise about societal disruptions and the need for balanced AI deployment in smart city development. The studies summarized here reveal the transformative potential of technology across different fields, from innovative encryption techniques to AI-based healthcare and smart city development. However, they also stress the importance of addressing the challenges and ethical considerations associated with these technologies. Interdisciplinary collaboration and rigorous validation are necessary to ensure technology's responsible and ethical use.


Encryption, Artificial Intelligence, Image Data Transfer


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Developing Advance AI based Encryption techniques for Image Data Transfer. Shivam Kumar, Prof. (Dr.) Jaspal Kumar. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 3. Pages 1-14.

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