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Exploring Sustainable Concrete Solutions with Coconut Shell Aggregates


Dharmendra Pal, Lalit Arya, Mahesh Pal


The escalating cost of construction materials has prompted the exploration of economical alternatives to traditional coarse aggregates in concrete production. In this study, coconut shells are investigated as a partial substitute for coarse aggregates, aiming to mitigate aggregate costs while maintaining structural integrity and enhancing sustainability. Coconut shells, abundant waste products from oil industries, possess low degradability and are primarily used as fuel. Experimental investigations were conducted to assess the feasibility of incorporating coconut shell particles as fine and coarse aggregates in M20 concrete mixes at replacement percentages of 0%, 10%, 20%, and 30%. Compressive and tensile strength tests were conducted at 7, 28, and 56 days to evaluate the mechanical performance of the concrete specimens. Results indicate that concrete with a 20% replacement of coconut shell aggregates demonstrates favorable strength characteristics. The findings underscore the potential of utilizing coconut shells as a sustainable alternative to conventional coarse aggregates, thereby contributing to cost reduction, waste management, and energy conservation in concrete production.


Coconut shell, coarse aggregate, concrete, partial replacement, compressive strength, tensile strength, sustainability


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Exploring Sustainable Concrete Solutions with Coconut Shell Aggregates. Dharmendra Pal, Lalit Arya, Mahesh Pal. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 3. Pages 1-9.

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