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A Study on Power Optimization of Hybrid Viterbi Decoders: A Review




The Viterbi algorithm is a widely used error correction coding technique that is applied in many communication systems. The traditional Viterbi decoder is implemented in either hardware or software, but has limitations in terms of speed and power consumption. To overcome these limitations, hybrid Viterbi decoders have been proposed that combine hardware and software implementations. In this review, we survey the existing research on hybrid Viterbi decoders, and summarize the key findings and contributions of previous research in this area. This paper identifies areas where further research is needed, and discuss the future directions for research in this field. Further this research has explored the Power optimization methods for design of Hybrid Viterbi Decoders.


Viterbi Algorithm, Hybrid Viterbi Decoders, Power Optimization


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A Study on Power Optimization of Hybrid Viterbi Decoders: A Review. Rohini. 2024. IJIRCT, Volume 10, Issue 2. Pages 1-7.

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