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Exploring the Career Development Strategies - Assessing Goals in Career Decision-Making


R. Chandra Shekar


Career development is an essential part of career management. Without ongoing career development, one cannot put meaning to self-growth or personal improvement. Practically, every company will expect some sort of career development and ongoing improvement of their employees. Planning in advance every aspect of career development will lead to good career enhancement. A career is defined as the combination and sequence of roles played by a person during the course of a lifetime. This paper, then, presents, a conceptual model describing the career management and intra-organizational career success. Theories of career mobility are used to develop a framework for outlining the factors likely to determine whether expatriate assignments help or hinder the advancement of employees who have worked as international assignees. This paper presents the purpose of the career development plan, career planning process and how to setup and reach the career goals.


Career development, career management, career success, mentoring and guidance


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Exploring the Career Development Strategies - Assessing Goals in Career Decision-Making. R. Chandra Shekar. 2020. IJIRCT, Volume 6, Issue 3. Pages 5-7.

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