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Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET): Security Threats, Vulnerabilities and Routing Mechanism


Dr. Pradosh Chandra Patnaik


A mobile ad-hoc network is a self-organizing, infrastructure-free network in which nodes communicate over wireless networks. In comparison to infrastructure networks, security becomes a critical concern because to its dynamic topology. Due to the lack of a trusted centralised authority, MANETs are more vulnerable to numerous sorts of security threats. For these networks, several routing protocols have been proposed to construct an end-to-end link for communication between nodes. These protocols are vulnerable to attacks from malicious nodes, and it is always necessary to identify and mitigate attacks before the network collapses. The focus of this study is on current routing attacks, ad-hoc network security challenges, and strategies to minimise attacks against routing protocols based on network node cooperation. Because there is no centralised authority to control the individual nodes functioning in the network, security in the mobile ADHOC network is a significant concern. The attacks might occur from both inside and outside the network. We're attempting to categorise the current attacks into two groups: DATA traffic attacks and CONTROL traffic attacks. We'll also talk about the current mitigation options for these types of assaults.


Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs), Security, Threats, Solutions, Routing Protocols


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Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET): Security Threats, Vulnerabilities and Routing Mechanism. Dr. Pradosh Chandra Patnaik. 2020. IJIRCT, Volume 6, Issue 3. Pages 1-4.

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