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Analysis of Live Load Distribution Factors for Horizontally Curved Concrete Box Girder Bridges




Live load distribution factors are utilized to decide the live-load second for connect support plan when a two dimensional investigation is directed. A straightforward, examination of extension superstructures are considered to decide live-load factors that can be utilized to dissect various kinds of scaffolds. The dissemination of the live burden factors circulates the impact of burdens transversely over the width of the scaffold superstructure by proportioning the plan paths to singular supports through the conveyance factors. This examination study comprises of the assurance of Live Load Distribution Factors(LLDFs) in both inside and outside supports for on a level plane bended solid box brace connects that have focal points, with one range surpassing 34 degrees. This investigation has been done dependent on genuine geometry of extensions planned by an organization for various areas. The objective of utilizing genuine geometry is to accomplish progressively reasonable, exact, and down to earth results. Additionally, in this investigation, 3-D displaying examinations for various range lengths (80, 90, 100, 115, 120, and 140 ft) have been first led for straight extensions, and afterward the outcomes contrasted and AASHTO LRFD, 2012 conditions. The purpose of beginning with straight scaffolds investigations is to get a sign and origination about the LLDF acquired from AASHTO LRFD recipes, 2012 to those got from limited component examinations for this sort of extension (Concrete Box Girder). From that point forward, the examinations have been accomplished for bended extensions having focal edges with one range surpassing 34 degrees. Proposals investigations led for different range lengths that had just been utilized for straight extensions (80, 90, 100, 115, 120, and 140 ft) with various focal points (5º, 38º, 45º, 50º, 55º, and 60º). The consequences of displaying and examinations for straight scaffolds demonstrate that the current AASHTO LRFD equations for box-support spans give a traditionalist gauge of the structure bowing second. For bended scaffolds, it was seen from a refined examination that the circulation factor increments as the focal point increments and the current AASHTO LRFD equation is pertinent until a focal edge of 38º which is somewhat out of as far as possible.




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Analysis of Live Load Distribution Factors for Horizontally Curved Concrete Box Girder Bridges. Deepak. 2020. IJIRCT, Volume 6, Issue 1. Pages 1-3.

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