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The Impact of CEFR-Aligned Curriculum in the Teaching of ESL in Julau District: English Teachers' Perspectives


Gary G. Jerald, Parilah M. Shah


To date, English language in Malaysia is seen as a fundamental aspect to go in line with the current technology-equipped world. A paradigm shift in transforming previous curriculum, Standard-Based Curriculum for Primary School (KSSR) into a newly introduced CEFR-aligned curriculum, the English Curriculum Framework (ECF) has proven that there is a need to revamp English language command in all levels of education. However, this sudden shift had made some teachers somewhat prepared to implement the curriculum. Some teachers complained that they had some issues of competencies in integrating CEFR-based lesson planning, teaching, accessing available materials and assessment practices into their current trend of teaching. Hence, this study aims to get insights from English teachers on the impact of CEFR-aligned Curriculum in the teaching of English as a Second Language (ESL). A total of 48 samples who teach English using the ECF across Julau district in Sarawak had responded to the survey study mainly to get their perceptions of how lesson planning, teaching, materials and assessment had been implemented so far. A set of 20 questionnaire items was adapted and distributed to every school. Similarly, a focus group discussion was also carried out to support data. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used in analysing the data as well as coding for qualitative analysis. The findings showed a remarkable feedback from the samples with regards to ECF. Yet, the perceptions could become a springboard for the relevant authorities and stakeholders to review the CEFR-aligned curriculum as a valid and reliable platform to meet the School Transformation 2025 (TS25) programme together with the Malaysian Education Blueprint (MEB) 2013-2025.


CEFR-aligned Curriculum, English Language, English Curriculum Framework (ECF), Lesson Planning, Teaching, Assessment Practices, English as Second Language (ESL)


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The Impact of CEFR-Aligned Curriculum in the Teaching of ESL in Julau District: English Teachers' Perspectives. Gary G. Jerald, Parilah M. Shah. 2019. IJIRCT, Volume 4, Issue 6. Pages 121-125.

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