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Ani-Text Trailer : A Tool For Reading Comprehension


Anusria a/p Krishnan, Sutasini a/p Sivagnanam, Patrisha a/p David, Melor Md Yunus


— Most pupils in Malaysia face difficulties to read and comprehend stories in English. This leads to the inability to answer comprehension questions regarding the text read. Many of the pupils face difficulties in answering reading comprehension questions when conventional method is used for teaching and learning. Regarding this issue, this study aimed at investigating the effect of Ani-Text Trailer on improving reading comprehension of Malaysian primary intermediate ESL learners. 30 students were chosen from a sub urban school in Batu Kikir, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. A test was administered to 30 ESL learners to ensure that learners are at the same level of proficiency. Then, a pre-test of reading comprehension was administered to assess the participants’ reading comprehension level. Quasi Experimental research design was used to carry out this study. The participants were divided into two groups, one experimental group and one control group. The participants of experimental group used Ani-Text Trailer while the control group received conventional approaches of teaching reading comprehension. Finally, all the participants were assigned a reading comprehension post-test. The results of the study indicated that video materials had a significant effect on promoting reading comprehension.


Keywords—: Reading Comprehension; Ani-Text Trailer; interactive tool; conventional method; video


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Ani-Text Trailer : A Tool For Reading Comprehension. Anusria a/p Krishnan, Sutasini a/p Sivagnanam, Patrisha a/p David, Melor Md Yunus. 2019. IJIRCT, Volume 4, Issue 4. Pages 86-90.

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