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Secondary Students of ESL Learners' Frame of Minds towards ESL Learning


Haida Umiera Hashim, Melor Md Yunus


English Language has become another important skills that today’s younger generations need to acquire. However, learning a language is not an easy process. It takes good attitudes and enthusiasm for learners to be able to master the language. In conjunction to that, this study is conducted to investigate the secondary students of ESL learners’ frame of minds towards ESL learning. Their level of attitudes and motivations towards learning English language is measured through a likert-scale questionnaire which was adopted by Gardner’s AMTB questionnaire (1985). The sample of this study consists of thirty secondary students of ESL learners in an urban area. The findings have found out that there are varieties of attitudes and level of motivation given by the sample of respondents. Different students have different attitudes towards English language and have different levels of motivation towards ESL learning.


Attitudes, ESL Learning, Motivation, Secondary students,


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Secondary Students of ESL Learners' Frame of Minds towards ESL Learning. Haida Umiera Hashim, Melor Md Yunus. 2019. IJIRCT, Volume 4, Issue 4. Pages 83-85.

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