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A Study On Stabilisation Of Clayay Soil Using Ggbs And Bauxite Residue


Archana, Mallikarjun Honna, Dr.Vageesh s Mathada, Sharan Kumar


Black cotton soil most problematic soil for civil engineers for several challenges. Therefore this type soil is considered as potential hazard naturally; this can be cause the damage in structures due to extension if it is not treated properly. The purpose of the study is to increase its capacity and to control the swelling properties. The properties can be modified mechanically and chemically. The selection of this modification depends on the availability and applicability for the soil. For decrease the effect of cost and environmentally free method several industrial waste materials are utilized for improving the soil characteristics. And also another concern is to reduce the consumption of natural materials like aggregates, sand etc… It can be reduced by selecting this methods, it helps to reduce the quantity or thickness of sub-base in road construction and also reduces the area of footing in residential buildings. In this point of view, the utilization of bauxite residue and GGBS in this study is chosen which will help the environment. The soil Stabilised with different percentage of Bauxite residue (red mud 15%, 25% & 35%) and with 5% GGBS are added found variation in the original strength of the soil. Based on the results at optimum Bauxite residue (25%) found the maximum increase in the CBR value as 4.7% when compared to other mixes. By observing these results, at Mix2 (80% black cotton soil + 25% of bauxite residue+ 5%GGBS) 1.46N/mm2 UCS is higher than other mixes. Liquid limits is decreases with increase in the Bauxite residue quantity.


Black cotton soil,GGBS,Bauxite residue,Clayay soil,CBR etc.


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A Study On Stabilisation Of Clayay Soil Using Ggbs And Bauxite Residue. Archana, Mallikarjun Honna, Dr.Vageesh s Mathada, Sharan Kumar. 2018. IJIRCT, Volume 4, Issue 1. Pages 11-14.

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