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Strength Characteristics And Compaction Of Black Cotton Soil Treated With Ggbs And Geopolyer


Dhammadeepa, Mallikarjun Honna, Vagesh Mathad, Sharan Kumar


Strengthening properties of the black cotton soil studied by number of literature and have given number of conclusions, as BC soil is famous for its problematic nature as it is clayey and have many problems regarding strength and stability. Inn this investigation ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) and the alkali activated solution called geo-polymer are used to stabilize Black cotton soil. Blast furnace slag is a by-product obtained during the steel manufacturing in thee blast furnace and geo-polymer is an alkali activated solution prepared by combining sodium hydroxide (NaOH) with the sodium silicate solution (Na2SiO3). Geopolymer is an inorganic polymeric binding material and has cementiceous property. The preparing off Geo-polymer involves Geo-polymerization reactions. It goes under chemical reactions between solid alumino-silicates oxides and alkali metals silicates solutions under the highly alkaline condition yielding to amorphous to semi-crystalline and three-dimensional polymers structures, which has Si-O-Al bonding.

Black cotton soil is first treated with GGBS and then with Geo-polymer and lastly with GGBS based Geo-polymer and the required tests has been conducted too know the different soil properties. By adding different percentages off GGBS to the Black cotton soil strength increased up to 20%. By adding Geo-polymer too black cotton soil the strength decreases after curing strength of the soil increases as the geo-polymer dosage increases. By adding of the GGBS based Geo-polymer the strength decreases at immediate testing except for 16% and 20% of Geo-polymer dosage. with curing strength increases to a very much higher value as compare with treating only with GGBS and Geo-polymer dosage. This is due to increases in thee alumina silicate sources which is very much necessary aspect for polymeriization reaction.


Black cotton soil,GGBS,Geopolymer,Liquid limit,Compaction,Unconfined compression strenght.


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Strength Characteristics And Compaction Of Black Cotton Soil Treated With Ggbs And Geopolyer. Dhammadeepa, Mallikarjun Honna, Vagesh Mathad, Sharan Kumar. 2018. IJIRCT, Volume 4, Issue 1. Pages 6-10.

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