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Volume 2 Issue 5


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  1. Om Sharan Gupta
  2. Poonam Ishwar Patil
  3. Kanchan Suresh Tayade
  4. Pritam Sanjay Salunkhe
  5. Alok Pandey


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Secure Transmission Using Reversible Data Hiding Technique


To maintain image contents confidentiality and to recover original image, there’s a requirement of reversible information concealment theme. Information concealment is method of concealment media. All previous ways enter information by reversibly vacating the area from encrypted images. This could be subject to some error on information extraction and image recovery. This method enter {the information} by reserving the area before coding with reversible data concealment algorithm. This can be increased reversible information concealment technique for colored pictures. The secrete message is encrypted before actual information embedding method begin. Technique can do information extraction and image recovery with freed from error.

Key Words

hiding, encryption, knowledge extraction, image recovery, image cryptography.

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Om Sharan Gupta , Poonam Ishwar Patil, Kanchan Suresh Tayade, Pritam Sanjay Salunkhe , Alok Pandey, "Secure Transmission Using Reversible Data Hiding Technique", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 5, Pages 182-186, April-2017,

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