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  1. Gagan Krishna R R
  2. Nethravathi S M


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Pushover Analysis Of Framed Structure With Flat Plate And Flat Slab For Different Structural Systems


Recent earthquakes in which many concrete structures have been severely damaged or collapsed, have indicated the need for evaluating the seismic adequacy of existing buildings. Flat slabs and flat beams are becoming popular and gaining importance as they are economical as compared to beam-column connections in conventional slab. Many existing flat slabs and flat beams may not have been designed for seismic forces so it is important to study their response under seismic conditions and to evaluate seismic retrofit schemes. For this purpose, 3D RC framed structures are modeled and analyzed using ETABS software. The analysis methodology adopted for the present study is non-linear static or pushover analysis. Pushover analysis is typically of displacement control type and is carried out as per the guidelines of ATC-40 and FEMA documents. The analytical parameters that influence the performance of structures and comparative studies on flat plate and flat slab of RC frames are considered. It is found that pushover analysis is a relatively simple way to explore the non-linear behavior of the structures. From the result it is found that base shear is so high in case of all structural systems with edge beam and shear wall compared to flat slab without shear wall. It is due to increase in lateral stiffness of the structures. And also observe that the displacement decrease with the increase in lateral stiffness by adopting the shear wall and edge beam for both flat plate and flat slab.

Key Words

Base Shear, Flat Plate, Flat Slab, Pushover Analysis, ATC-40, FEMA

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Gagan Krishna R R, Nethravathi S M, "Pushover Analysis Of Framed Structure With Flat Plate And Flat Slab For Different Structural Systems", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 54-59, October-2016,

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