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  1. Hasan Hamodi Joni
  2. Ali Ahmed Mohammed


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Using aaSIDRA Software for Traffic Flow to evaluation Analysis public transportation in Iraq


Safety is a prime concern of transportation engineers. Traffic volumes have increased tremendously over the past years especially in Baghdad city. A computer simulation is more sophisticated for the analysis of freeways and urban street systems through simulation, transportation specialists can study the formation and dissipation of congestion on roadways. Intersection is one of the main reasons that have a significant effect on travel time. The aim of this paper is to analysis operational the traffic flow of the intersection to provide useful information for engineers to design the roads with the shortest travel time, The analyses Operational of existing in Al-jadryia intersection, near University of Baghdad by Utilization aaSIDRA and field measurements show that they can perform adequately despite relatively high traffic volumes in peak hours, The data required for the study were mainly collected through video filming technique also the calculation and evaluation are constructed with the aaSIDRA software. For general analyzing, this intersection is marked worst. This analyzing is indicated by “F” level which is mean the lowest value for the quality and quantity of this intersection

Key Words

analysis, Traffic, Intersection, simulation, aaSIDRA.

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Hasan Hamodi Joni, Ali Ahmed Mohammed, "Using aaSIDRA Software for Traffic Flow to evaluation Analysis public transportation in Iraq", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 40-46, September-2016,

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