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Volume 2 Issue 1


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  1. Sachin Bansoe
  2. Bhagyshree Shendakar
  3. Shivanand Kamapali
  4. Bhagyshri Patil
  5. Niranjan Dhumal


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Camera-Based Assistive Text and Product Label Reading For Blind Person


We propose a camera-based assistive text reading framework to help blind person or low visual power to read text and product label or document from hand-held objects in their day to day life. We have an efficient and effective method which is used to define region of interest (ROI). by a mixture-of-Gaussians-based background subtraction technique we subtract the text from the clattered background .To automatically focus the text regions from the object ROI, we offer a stroke width transform (SWT) algorithm this algorithm is help to recognize the character by their shape and width by calculating each pixel by their start to end point Is a local image operator which computes per pixel the width of the most likely a stoke containing the pixel. The output of SWT is an image of size equal to the size of the input image where each elements contains the width of the stroke associated with the pixel text reorganization is performed by off-the-shelf optical character reorganization (OCR) prior to output of information words from the localize text region. The recognized text code are recording Script file, then we employee the Free Text to speech (TTS) library to load these file and display the audio output of text information. Blind person can adjust speech rate, volume and tone according to their preference. We explore the user interface issues and robustness of the algorithm in extracting and reading text from different objects with complex backgrounds.

Key Words

assistive device, visual impact, Blindness, hand-held objects, distribution of edge pixel , optical character recognition(OCR), stroke width transform(SWT),text reading ,text region localization ,background subtraction, Text to speech(TTS), audio output.

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Sachin Bansoe, Bhagyshree Shendakar, Shivanand Kamapali, Bhagyshri Patil, Niranjan Dhumal, "Camera-Based Assistive Text and Product Label Reading For Blind Person", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 16-19, July-2016,

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