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  1. HARUNA Manasseh
  2. WORSEN Daniel
  3. DANJUMA Irinyang Joro


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The Impacts of Electronic Banking on Customer Service Delivery in Taraba State, Nigeria


Nowadays, the banking industry has witnessed a high profile business process re-engineering and restructuring which has enabled it to stand out in the economies of world banking system with consequent radical changes in the mode of operations. The greater aspect of this revolution is that caused by information technology which has swept across the entire world faster than any other revolution. It is a fact undisputable that most of the basic transactions in the bank today are done online. The study attempts to study the impact of electronic banking on customer service in Taraba state with specific emphasis on Guarantee Trust Bank PLC. This study used both primary and secondary data. Primary data was gathered from questionnaire and secondary data was obtained through textbooks, journals, magazines, newspapers, information circulars, reports and internet. The study used descriptive statistics in the form of tables and percentages. The outcome from the findings shows that amid the numerous problems of electronic banking, technical unemployment tops the list. The study also reveals that electronic banking truly impacts on the customer’s service delivery. This research recommends that Guarantee Trust Bank as a matter of fact and priority should improve in the provision of diversified information and communication technology infrastructure in Jalingo metropolis. The study also recommends that the Banks should train their workers from time to time to keep them abreast of the innovation in the use of ICT.

Key Words

Electronic, Banking, Electronic Banking, Customer, Service, Customer Service Delivery

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HARUNA Manasseh, WORSEN Daniel, DANJUMA Irinyang Joro, "The Impacts of Electronic Banking on Customer Service Delivery in Taraba State, Nigeria", IJIRCT, Volume 2, Issue 1, Pages 01-10, June-2016,

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