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A Review On Aluminium Die Casting Industrial Waste Management


Swati Nasipude, Saniya Bagwan


The die casting industry uses water to cool and carry lubricants to their metal casting dies, and some of the water drips onto the plant floor. Die-Casting (Lester) is generating a complex wastewater stream from their manufacturing operation consisting of various oils, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and silicones that make it unsuitable for direct discharge to the environment. The treatment of manufacturing wastewater requires a simple, rugged and durable treatment process. The system must be capable of handling a wide compositional range, and varied concentrations, of wastewater components and still consistently provide purified water suitable for reuse or discharge. An existing treatment process is currently being used to treat this water which consists of a bio digester, tubular ultra filter and reverse osmosis system. Contaminants in the feed stream cause a number problems including fouling of the surface of the ultra filter and reverse osmosis systems. Fouling of the membranes translates to inconsistent unreliable system operation coupled with excessively high operating costs.


Die casting, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pollution control, environmental impact.


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A Review On Aluminium Die Casting Industrial Waste Management. Swati Nasipude, Saniya Bagwan . 2016. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 4. Pages 419-420.

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