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Investigational Study Of PV Powered Forced Circulation Solar Dryer


Praveen Singh Sisodiya


An indirect forced convection with photovoltaic powered forced circulation solar dryer has been built and experienced. The main parts are: a Parabolic solar air collector , a scrap freeze as drying chamber, a battery and PV panel. The system is operated in one mode, sunshine hours. The dryer is used to dry 5 kg of ginger. Experiment were conducted on drying of ginger as drying of ginger is problem in north India and Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialization Wardha (MGIRI, A national institute under the ministry of MSME Government of India) asked to look into it and study the effect of drying as well the climatic and operational parameters on the dryer performance. The experiment was performed with and without reflective mirror at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for the Rural Industrialization Wardha. The maximum collector outlet temperature was 66 0C and 81 0C without and with reflective mirror respectively. It was found that the average temperature inside the dryer without mirror was 63 0C which is below the maximum allowable temperature for ginger of 65 0C and with reflective mirror was above 65 0C which is higher than the maximum allowable temperature for ginger. Maximum instantaneous efficiency was found to be 58.4% and 78.39% and average was 51.14% and 59.18% without mirror and with mirror respectively. It is seen that the average efficiency of the collector is increased by 8.04% with reflector. The initial moisture content of ginger was 82.95% and it took 16 hours of day time to reach its equilibrium moisture of 12% when dried in solar dryer and took 48 hours in open sun drying with 8 hours of drying per day. The time of drying reduced in dryer by 66.7% and the quality of dried ginger was found well than open sun drying.


Parabolic solar air collector; Forced Convection; Ginger; Solar Module; Solar Radiation; PV Powered


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Investigational Study Of PV Powered Forced Circulation Solar Dryer. Praveen Singh Sisodiya. 2015. IJIRCT, Volume 1, Issue 3. Pages 288-293.

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